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How to understand ourselves as what we were and what we are going to do in this life?

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It is amazing to know that we all had so many births and we continue to manifest the qualities of our previous births in our present day to day life.

   Scientifically we can also correlate this DNA factor in case of hereditary qualities or otherwise resembling of some unrelated people, and exhibiting similarity in character, views, expressions and deeds. It is further amazing that we can understand how we were in our past life and what we are doing to compensate the missing aspects in our present life.

       The secret is in the placement of Rahu and Kethu the shadowy planets or the nodes (south and north) , the intersecting points during the rotation of Earth and Moon around the Sun. To know what we were in past life is shown through placement of Kethu , the gnana karaka in one’s horoscope. For example The kethu placement in 2nd house shows that the native was totally involved in acquisition of material wealth, maintaining family relationships, too talkative and did hurt many through his words and deeds, in his previous birth. If Kethu is in 2nd house, the Rahu should be in 8th house, the house of longevity and partnership. The Rahu in 8th house shows that the native is too greedy for money, relationships, and desires to handle others money, encash other’s weakness and also some involvement in occult sciences in the present birth thus showing the individual’s desire to follow the steps of his previous birth.

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