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Why code Deprecate happens in PHP

In PHP, several features, functions, and practices have been deprecated over time to improve the language and its security, performance, and maintainability. Deprecated features are those that are still available but are not recommended for use and are likely to be removed in future versions. Here are some notable deprecation in recent PHP versions:

Deprecated in PHP 8.0:

each(): This function, used to iterate over arrays, has been deprecated. Use foreach or array iterator functions instead.
$php_errormsg: This global variable has been deprecated in favor of error handling functions like error_get_last().
realpath_cache_size ini directive: This directive has been deprecated.

Deprecated in PHP 7.4:
Curly braces for array and string offset access: Using curly braces to access array elements and string characters (e.g., $array{0}) has been deprecated. Use square brackets instead (e.g., $array[0]).
implode() parameter order: Passing parameters to implode() in the reverse order (glue first, pieces second) has been deprecated. The correct order is implode($glue, $pieces).
Reflection export methods: The Reflection class’s export() methods have been deprecated.
array_key_exists() on objects: Calling array_key_exists() on objects has been deprecated. Use property_exists() or isset() instead.

Deprecated in PHP 7.3:
FILTER_FLAG_SCHEME_REQUIRED and FILTER_FLAG_HOST_REQUIRED: These flags in filter_var() have been deprecated.
fgetss(): This function, which strips HTML and PHP tags from a string, has been deprecated. Use fgets() with appropriate filtering instead.

Deprecated in PHP 7.2:
__autoload(): This function has been deprecated in favor of spl_autoload_register().
create_function(): As mentioned earlier, this function has been deprecated.
mbstring.func_overload ini directive: This directive has been deprecated.

Deprecated in PHP 7.1:
ext/mysql extension: The ext/mysql extension has been deprecated. Use mysqli or PDO_MySQL instead.
It’s important to keep your PHP codebase up to date and refactor deprecated features to ensure compatibility with future PHP versions. You can find the complete list of deprecated features and functions in the official PHP documentation for each version.

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