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Miracles at kailash Mansarovar Lake

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In Hindu mythology, Kailash is known as the residence of Lord Shiva along with Ma Parvati located in the majestic Himalayas. Due to this the place itself is a huge attraction for pilgrims for thousands of years. The place is considered a sacred one by Buddhists, Hindus, and Jains and many considered it as the spiritual center of the Earth. Therefore people plan for Kailash Manasarova Yathra at least once in their lifetime.

There are exciting stories related to the place, a few Saints believed that there are more than 500 souls residing on this mountain and only when one soul wishes to have Moksha, another soul is allowed to reside in its hallowed place.

There is another interesting story by few others that the holiest of souls gather on this mountain only on three occasions every year – Budda Purnima, Guru Purnima, and Kartik Purnima.

Apart from all these stories, there are mainly three things which mostly came up with the tale of Kailash Manasarova Yathra by those who visit the place. They might call these things as miracles at Kailash Mansorovar Lake.

Mysterious Lights

Individuals who had stayed for a night at the Kailash or rather at the Mansarovar Lake have seen two lamps like lights following each other in the dark sky. These are white lights which resemble dots and are clearly noticeable to the human eye and are always in movement. Sometimes the atmosphere over the Lake is also enlightened by mysterious lights – individuals believe that these lights belong to the self-acknowledged sages living at Kailash.

Sprinkling of Water by the Invisible Beings

Early in the morning, amid Brahma muhurat, individuals living in tents have heard the sprinkling of the water at the Lake Mansarovar. They have additionally heard the sounds of ornaments. According to one record, a woman ventured out of her tent and however she could see nobody, she saw the movement of water. Different people have different tale to tell but the common one is that the seven sages or the Sapta Rishis as per the Indian mythology visit the Mansarovar Lake every morning to take bath in it.

Twin Lakes

This devout mountain is known for its two lakes, named as the Rakshas Tal or the Devil Lake and Mansarovar or the God Lake. Both of them are just adjacent to each other and are separated by a thin isthmus of the mountains, as though showing the contrast amongst good and bad.


It appears that the Sun wishes to pay his praise to Lord Shiva consistently. As soon as the sun sets, a swastika is formed by its falling shadow on the stones.

Changes Position

In spite of the fact that individuals have so far not been successful in climbing the adored Mount Kailash, yet the mountain peculiarly changes the target area to the individuals who wish to climb it. Along these lines, various undertakings have neglected to climb its summit, just because the Mount Kailash changes the target position in the other direction.

Listening to these miracles or mysteries is different from witnessing with your own eyes. Therefore get ready to go on a Kailash Manasarova Yathra now for an unforgetful experience of your life.

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