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place holder in Include_once

In PHP, a placeholder in an include_once statement typically refers to a dynamic value that is inserted into the file path string using string interpolation or formatting functions. This allows you to include files based on variables or other dynamic inputs, rather than hardcoding the file path.

Example Using sprintf
In the include_once statement you provided:

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include_once(sprintf(‘modules/%s/dataGrids.php’, $module));
sprintf is a PHP function that returns a formatted string.

%s take the value stored inĀ  $module ,for example if you store #module value as home then it means include_once(sprintf(‘modules/home/dataGrids.php’, $module));

Example Without sprintf
You can also use curly braces {} to include variables directly within a double-quoted string:

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In this case, if $module has the value user, the string modules/{$module}/dataGrids.php will be evaluated as modules/user/dataGrids.php.

Example With String Concatenation
Alternatively, you can concatenate strings:

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include_once(‘modules/’ . $module . ‘/dataGrids.php’);
This approach achieves the same result, concatenating the parts of the path with the variable value.

Placeholders in PHP, especially in the context of include_once or other string operations, allow you to dynamically construct file paths based on variable values, making your code more flexible and modular.

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