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Simple Author Box

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It is a wordpress plugin to responsive the simple author box. At the end of your posts, show the author name, gravatar, description and bio. It also adds over 30 social profile fields on wordpress user profile screen, allow to display the author social icons in author box.

Free features

  • Show the author gravatar, name, website, description, bio and social icons.
  • Fully customizable to match your theme design (style, color, size and text options).
  • Nice to looking on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phones.
  • Automated to insert the author box at the end of your post.
  • Manually insert the author box on your template file in single.php (or) author.php.
  • It supports the RTL support and AMP support.
  • Great for guest posts and guest authors.
  • GDPR compatible Bunny Fonts.

Premium Features

  • Change the author box position to before (or) after content.
  • Choose whether the author’s name should link to its website (or) page (or) none.
  • Select where to show author box on.
  • Add the rotate effect on author’s avatar hover.
  • Open the author website link in a new tab.
  • Add the “nofollow” attribute on the author website link.
  • Choose the author website position right (or) left.
  • To change the social icons type, style, rotate effect, shadow effect and thin border.
  • Change the color palette also.
  • Choose the font and font sizes for the author’s job title, website, name, and description.
  • You can enable the guest authors and co-authors.
  • You can use the guest authors as co-authors.
  • Top authors widget to display the most popular authors based on the comments.
  • Widget is displays the users selected.

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