Miracles at kailash Mansarovar Lake


In Hindu mythology, Kailash is known as the residence of Lord Shiva along with Ma Parvati located in the majestic Himalayas. Due to this the place itself is a huge attraction for pilgrims... Read More

A Most Admire Temple of Muktinath


Muktinath is one of the scared places for both Buddhists and Hindus. It is a standout amongst the most frequented and well-known journey spots of the Himalayan Nation which lies in the Mustang... Read More


What is a Database?    A large amount of information stored in a computer system        in such a way that it can be easily looked at or changed.  A logically coherent collection of related data that       (i) … Read More


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REST API: Rest means Representational State Transfer. The REST architecture style is used to designing networked applications and developing web API’s. It relies on the stateless, cacheable communication, client-server protocol and in virtually all cases, the HTTP protocol is used. … Read More


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Fibroids are non-cancerous tumours. Appears in the tissues around the uterus. Fibriods affect around 30% of all women by the age of 35 – 50 years. Uterine mynomas, leiomyomas, or fibromas are also know as Fibroids. Home Remedies for Fibroids … Read More


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          What is meant by Leads in CRM? Lead is an unqualified customer with systematic follow ups and earnest efforts, you can identify potential prospects. Leads is supposedly the first step of Sales Process in vtiger CRM. A Lead … Read More

Piles Home Remedies

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Piles can be defined as swelling around and inside the anus. It is not a serious problem and piles will disappear on their own. A Piles will initially recommend some lifestyle changes and Diet. Drinking plenty of water through out … Read More

Code Igniter

CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint, built for developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured  web applications.  CodeIgniter was created by EllisLab, and is now a project of the British Columbia … Read More

SSL Certificate

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SSL Certificate: SSL Means “Secure Socket Layer”. It provides privacy, critical security and data integrity for both your websites and users’ personal information. SSL certificate should be installed on the server. After Installation is completed the website can securely access … Read More

Online shopping

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Online shopping allows to directly buy goods or services from the seller using the internet. The product information with price and retailer details is viewed. The online shopping is used to the customers, to business person and one business person … Read More


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The Vtiger CRM means “Customer Relationship Management”.This is friendly and colossal flexibility for the user. This is the web-based application. vtiger is based on the PHP language, using preferably MySQL for the database.The vtiger is used to Lead Management, Sales … Read More

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