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Types of PHP Frameworks

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Symfony is a mature framework that revolutionized PHP development. Apart from being a framework, it gives a hard and fast of reusable additives that may be used without delay in any PHP challenge. These additives are utilized in endless open-supply tools, which includes Laravel. Symfony is maintained and supported by SensioLabs, has 100s of contributors, and has a colourful network of developers.

It’s primarily based totally at the MVC sample and gives object-relational mapping using Doctrine ORM. When it involves developing views, it makes use of the Twig template engine that will help you render HTML.

Symfony rightfully belongs to the listing of the fine PHP frameworks due to its kind of features, huge network, and robustness.

It’s best for extra complicated net initiatives in which predictability, support, and optimization are required. Symfony has more than one drivers for organization databases, making it a notable desire for organization initiatives as well.


  • Symfony is a mature framework that you may accept as true with to offer long-time period support (see the launch calendar for LTS versions).
  • It’s tremendously customizable and carries 50 standalone additives that may be utilized in any challenge.
  • Advanced useful and unit checking out is feasible way to its integrated checking out capabilities.
  • Maintaining your challenge is simpler due to the fact Symfony has a well-designed codebase.
  • Symfony has notable documentation and a huge developer network that you may depend upon for answers.


  • Symfony has a steeper gaining knowledge of curve, and gaining knowledge of it calls for know-how lots of its additives.
  • It’s relatively missing on the subject of dependency injection, because it doesn’t paintings in an intuitive way.
  • Symfony’s ORM, Doctrine, is appreciably extra tough to research and paintings with than different ORMs.


Phalcon is an exciting framework as it’s now no longer written in PHP however added as a PHP extension written in C. Does that imply that you may must write C yourself? No, of route now no longer. But considering that it’s now no longer written in PHP and is immediately compiled from C, it’s particularly rapid! Phalcon can cope with extra requests according to 2d than some other framework with the aid of using a extensive margin.

Along with its blazing-rapid overall performance, Phalcon gives many functions inclusive of an ORM, caching, templating, and protection.

Phalcon is suggested while excessive overall performance is important, so it’s utilized by many big agencies.

Note: Not to be burdened with Falcon in Python.


  • Phalcon gives high-quality overall performance as it’s written in C and is pre-compiled.
  • It provides very low overhead on your application.
  • It includes its personal SQL dialect known as PHQL, which facilitates you write relational database queries that may be utilized in more than one database systems.


  • Phalcon has a barely extra complicated syntax in comparison to different PHP frameworks on this collection.
  • It’s significantly tougher to put in and install as it need to be hooked up as a PHP extension.
  • It handiest helps three database adapters: MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite.


Codeigniter is an MVC framework primarily based totally on PHP that facilitates builders unexpectedly create new tasks. One high-quality element approximately it’s far that it’s now no longer a restrictive framework and may be used like a toolkit that hurries up improvement.

Most PHP frameworks require you to comply with the MVC approach, and despite the fact that CodeIgniter additionally encourages using the MVC sample, it doesn’t put into effect it. It gives caching, aid for more than one databases, routing, and different functions which might be conventional in cutting-edge net programs. These functions are smartly packaged and may be utilized in a bendy manner.

Codeigniter is utilized by small and big businesses for constructing APIs and light-weight net programs.


  • CodeIgniter has a small average footprint as it has fewer integrated functions.
  • It has high-quality overall performance out of the box, rapid loading instances, and calls for much less optimization.
  • In PHP maximum frameworks, the MVC sample is enforced, however in CodeIgniter, you may pick any layout sample you prefer.


  • CodeIgniter permits for a variety of flexibility, however that is additionally a double-edged sword due to the fact code maintainability may be tough to achieve.
  • It typically has fewer libraries and applications for constructing new functions while you examine it to extra famous frameworks.
  • CodeIgniter doesn’t provide a strong launch calendar, which means that even protection problems can take time to be addressed.


Yii is an open-supply framework for constructing programs on pinnacle of PHP. It’s primarily based totally on OOP and MVC styles and provides much less overhead with the aid of using focusing totally on middle functionality.

Since Yii is lots quicker than different frameworks, it’s advocated for constructing performant net programs. It may be used to construct whatever from blogs to SaaS programs all of the manner to social media websites. For a listing of tasks made with Yii, take a look at out the YiiPowered website.


  • Yii gives automated CRUD technology with the assist of its visible tool Gii.
  • It’s a full-stack framework and helps many front-stop operations the usage of AJAX, inclusive of validating inputs.
  • It gives high-quality overall performance and rapid loading instances way to its small weight.


  • The ORM utilized in Yii has vulnerable aid for complicated relationships and queries. This might also additionally pressure you to write down uncooked SQL even as dropping a number of the blessings of the usage of an ORM.
  • Many functionsinclusive of queues and broadcasting, aren’t supported with the aid of using default and require greater configuration and installations.
  • Yii is tougher to learn, specially for much less skilled builders.


CakePHP helps you to create PHP programs quickly, with much less configuration. It gives integrated functions that assist you code your application’s commercial enterprise logic. It additionally comes with a bendy database get right of entry to layer and effective functions that assist you to construct each easy and complicated software program systems.

It become most of the first MVC frameworks to return back into the PHP improvement atmosphere withinside the early 2000s, and it has considering that grown right into a mature framework with lots of functions.

The manner CakePHP is designed makes it stand out as it gives a convention-primarily based totally setup. By putting in a database with precise naming conventions, CakePHP can mechanically paintings with none configuration.

It’s utilized by small and big agencies alike — you may see a few real-global CakePHP tasks in their professional showcase.


  • CakePHP’s convention-primarily based totally setup makes it smooth to construct new programs quickly, when you grasp the framework.
  • It has many integrated functionsinclusive of authentication, validation, localization, and extra.
  • CakePHP includes all cutting-edge protection functions, and its codebase has been audited with the aid of using the Mozilla Secure Open Source program.


  • The CakePHP network is extremely small, so it may be tough to discover answers on your precise problems.
  • CakePHP doesn’t aid default routes for fancy URLs, that is determined in maximum different frameworks.
  • Many builders revel in problems upgrading from older to more recent versions, or vice-versa.
  • The truth that it’s convention-primarily based totally way which you have much less freedom.

Slim Framework

Slim is a PHP micro-framework. It has fewer functions than a normal framework however facilitates you create easy but effective net apps and APIs.

It consists of functions inclusive of routing, middleware, and superior request managing that will help you construct programs quickly. Features which might be typically determined in maximum frameworks inclusive of database get right of entry to gear aren’t covered in Slim however may be without problems hooked up as out of doors dependencies the usage of the Composer dependency manager.

Slim is appropriate for constructing microservices, restful APIs for single-web page programs (SPAs), and scalable systems.


  • You can increase rapid and light-weight APIs with only some strains of code.
  • It has a quick loading time and might cope with many requests according to 2d.
  • It’s a cutting-edge framework that follows updated software program improvement practices.
  • It’s now no longer restrictive and gives a variety of freedom even as helping many key functionalities inclusive of dependency injection, middleware, and routing.


  • Slim has no ORM with the aid of using default, however you may use the ORM of your desire with the aid of using putting in it independently.
  • Even aleven though it’s rapidit may cope with extremely fewer requests according to 2d than Lumen (see next).


Lumen is a PHP micro-framework evolved with the aid of using the writer of Laravel and maintained with the aid of using its network. It’s very much like Laravel, so when you have previous revel in with Laravel, you may sense proper at home. Slim is likewise light-weight and performant, making it perfect for cutting-edge programs.

It may be used for constructing APIs to aid single-web page programs, microservices, and different back-stop offerings in which low latency and excessive overall performance are important.


  • Lumen is straightforward to learn, specially when you have Laravel revel in.
  • It is a lot lighter than Laravel and calls for minimum configuration to get started.
  • Similar to Slim, it’s a cutting-edge framework that’s quite appropriate for cutting-edge net improvement.
  • If a Lumen assignment grows too complicated and calls for Laravel functionsit may without problems be transformed to a Laravel assignment.


  • Unfortunately, Lumen doesn’t have the high-quality documentation. Many instancesyou may must look at the unique Laravel documentation in which Lumen borrows many stuff from.
  • Coming from a Laravel background, you will be lacking a few key functions in order to must be hooked up manually in case you want them.
  • It’s now no longer as actively supported and maintained as Laravel.