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When an undesired pregnancy arises and you want to get rid of it fast and securely while maintaining your privacy, medical abortion comes to the rescue. Medical abortion is often considered as the superior method of abortion over surgical abortion. Mifeprex is the best abortion pill for having an abortion that is both effective and safe. Mifeprex is a brand of Mifepristone that is also known as Generic RU486.

To learn more about Mifeprex, we will discuss some common questions in this blog, such as when is the best time to use Mifeprex by understanding its usage and side effects, and how to buy Mifeprex online.

What exactly is Mifeprex?

Mifeprex (Mifepristone) is an FDA-approved abortion pill that can help you effectively end an undesired pregnancy. Mifeprex would end your pregnancy after 8 weeks or 56 days. If you’re having trouble keeping track of your days, start counting from your previous menstrual cycle.

You can buy Mifeprex online and use it on your own or with the help of any medical expert.

Is the Mifeprex pill similar to the morning-after pill?

No, The morning-after pill and Mifeprex pill are not the same things. A morning-after pill is a form of emergency contraception. Mifeprex is an abortion pill that can be used to end an unwanted pregnancy.

Both the pills are FDA-approved and safe to use. However, It is totally up to you whether or not to use any of those medications, and it will depend on your own situation.

How to use the Mifeprex pill?

Before you buy Mifeprex online, be sure you know how to properly use the Mifeprex pill.

1. The entire medical abortion kit includes five tablets that will help you in successfully terminating your pregnancy. You should take one 200 mg Mifeprex tablet and four 800 mcg Misoprostol pills separately (200 mcg each).

2. Take the Mifeprex tablet with a glass of water. After your first dose, your body may require up to 24 hours of resting to allow the abortion pill to do its job.

3. Meanwhile, once your Mifeprex pill begins to work, you will begin to experience cramping and bleeding.

4. After 24 hours, take 4 misoprostol pills at once. To be effective, you must take misoprostol 24 hours after taking Mifeprex.

5. Misoprostol can also bring cramping, bleeding, and some mild after-effects that can be treated.

6. Within 24 hours of using misoprostol, your uterus should begin to pass the pregnancy. While you will most likely have severe vaginal bleeding.

When is the right time to use the Mifeprex pill?

Your abortion method will differ depending on the stage of your pregnancy. If you wish to have a medical abortion, you must be less than 8 weeks pregnant in order to have a safe abortion. In this stage of pregnancy, the pregnancy growth hormone is effectively blocked as a result of successful abortion.

How effective is the Mifeprex pill?

The Mifeprex tablet is very effective as compared to others abortion pills. Although medical abortions work 98 percent of the time, your abortion should be done safely and efficiently within a week. Even though the Mifeprex pill is efficient, it is important to confirm the result of your abortion using pregnancy tests at home or any clinic or you can go for Ultrasonography testing.

Are there any after-effects of using the Mifeprex pill?

Some common after-effects of Mifeprex:

Bleeding and cramps will decrease within a week, but if it continues, you should consult medical help.

Other mild after-effects of Mifeprex:

Stomach pain,
Chills and Fever.
Although the following side effects are minor, if they continue to get serious, then you should consult medical help.

Is it safe to buy the Mifeprex pill online?

Yes, it is safe to buy Mifeprex online. If you wish, you can order Mifeprex online from our website at a minimal cost. Only a genuine, FDA-approved Mifeprex tablet will be safely delivered to your door in 3 to 4 working days. However, if you need your pills even faster, you may use our overnight delivery option. With all of our services, we comply with all of the Covid -19 restrictions that won’t disappoint you.


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