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Bookmountaintours is an online platform that offers the best trekking, hiking, camping, and mountaineering packages in Asia and other countries at affordable prices. BMT allows all the adventure junkies to explore the untouched destinations with a splash of thrill and excitement. With an expert team of mountain lovers, travel enthusiasts, and avid trekkers, BMT works dedicatedly to quench your thirst for adrenaline-filled tours.

Tourism is both an economic and social phenomenon that has experienced exponential growth and diversification, over the decades. The closely knitted world with the easy dissemination of information and gradual transparency of state borders has contributed to making Tourism a major player in international commerce.

Today, tourism has become the backbone of third world countries with an increasing number of tourists every year, thereby contributing to the country’s GDP. Following the current trend, seeks a similar opportunity in the tourism industry. We are determined to fill the little gaps in the tourism industry and take advantage of this rapidly growing sector with moderate competition. With a dedicated and experienced team, effective marketing schemes, unparalleled networking skills, and excellent management, the company is dedicated to adding its share in the tourism sector. has vast experience in the travel sector and plans to build its platform over the same. We, in collaboration with multiple Hiking and Trekking agencies offer a singular online platform for ‘adventure trips’ to its potential customers, enlisting all the major trekking and hiking packages across different locations like India, Nepal, Peru, Japan, Malaysia and more. Initially, we will offer trekking packages from recognized and reliable agencies, implement our own marketing strategies to direct customers towards different programs and make reservations on behalf of the trekking agency.

We would publish listings from multiple organizers on their online platform. The online platform would allow the customers to compare the packages and act as a hub for the mentioned activities.

The marketing strategy will focus mainly on the existence of the platform and the kind of service(s) being provided. The company intends to transparently provide the right information about the travel package(s), as offered by the collaborated agencies. The platform will offer detailed brochures of the package(s) that will include: Program Overview, Description, Itinerary, Highlights, Trip Inclusions, Exclusions, Price and Pictures to provide complete information to all its clients. The marketing strategy will ensure that the clients see us as a respected player in the field through online promotions, digital platforms, and events.

We currently focusing to provide a better solution for Trekking in India, Trekking in Nepal, Walking tour in Nepal, Trekking tours in Bhutan, Trekking tours in Peru, Trekking tours in Malaysia, Trekking tours in Vietnam, Trekking tours in Japan and also focused to cover popular treks around the word like Everest Base Camp Trekking, Annapurna Base camp trekking, Annapurna Circuit Trekking, Chadar Trekking, Valley of flowers Trekking, Roopkund Trekking, Nanda Devi Trekking, Goecha La Trekking, Roopkund Trekking and also we have covered popular destination for trekking in India and Nepal like trekking tours in Manali, Trekking in Ladakh, Trekking in Kathmandhu, Trekking in Pokhara, Trekking in Uttrakhand, Trekking in Himachal Pradesh, Trekking in Sikkim and Many more.

An important point that should be noted is that our company is not just a listing portal for trekking and hiking trips but a one-stop platform that will ensure credibility of the agency to help our clients come on board with reputable agency, which will offer whatever had been mentioned in the listing. We do not just intend to sell trekking and hiking packages(s) but provide travel solutions that will ensure a reputable image for repetitive and continued business.


The business strategy will focus on finding the best available service(s) to our targeted customers. This shall be done through hiring a team of professionals in the same field, who would verify the reliability of the listed agency(s) and cater to the client’s needs.

Gradually the company would invest in market campaigns for target segments to provide a clear picture of our intentions. The marketing would be done professionally as per the needs of the target client(s) to get their attention and spread the name. We would position ourselves as a quality online portal for ‘Adventure Activities’ that provides customer-need fulfillment and reliability with a good image.

In a nutshell, following are objectives we intend to achieve:
• Offer quality and enjoyable package(s)
• Dedicated team to ensure customer satisfaction and follow-up
• Maintain good rapport with the agency(s) and promote their business(s)
• Establish a good market presence with scopes of long-term profit and growth
• Build a positive work environment for continued growth of everyone
• Contribute to our communities and our environment
• The intention isn’t just to provide adventure excursions but an overall experience where learning something new is always on the card.

We are a passionate company that intends to create a healthy and respectful work environment. The company emphasizes on follow-up from clients to ensure their satisfaction and make any amendments as suggested by them. The aim is not just to be a platform featuring adventure trips but promote the conservation and preservation of nature through informative programs that emphasize on the same.


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