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Aeronautical Engineering and other streams in Italy..

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It is the dream of many a student to study Aeronautical Enginering or aerospace engineering.
Select Universities in Italy offer this program to deserving students at very low cost. The tuition fee for the bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical engineering is about 3000 Euros per year. This is almost one third of the cost for similar programs in other developed countries.

Similarly the master’s programs for this and other subjects is open to students that have completed their bachelors degree from other countries. The government and the universities offer scholarship to the students enrolled for the bachelors and the master’s program. Since all of Europe is facing a shortage of qualified and trained manpower, international students stand a very good chance of securing good jobs after their graduation. Their knowledge of one or more European languages is a must. All universities in Europe offer courses in Italian and other European languages as part of the regular curriculum.

SAP/R3 and an MBA degree
SAP/R3 professional are the most sought after professionals in the IT arena. Similarly candidates that possess an MBA degree from foreign universities enjoy a good demand. Here is a program that combines a certification in SAP/R3 and an MBA degree from a popular Australian university. This program is most suited for working professionals in the areas of IT or qualified engineers and management professionals that want to switch to full-time IT consulting roles. Candidates with plenty of experience will find this program very useful and can leverage their past experience towards a more rewarding career.

This one year Master’s program will arm the student with a thorough understanding of the processes in organization and how SAP/R3 can help organizations achieve better results and effective utilization of resources.

One can become a certified SAP/R3 consultant and make a quantum jump in their career.

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