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The Mysteries In Our Life

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The unseen, unknown and unexpected and at times unpleasant too have been experienced by individuals many a times in their life. How such happenings are defined in astrology and how an astrologer could visualize such happenings through individual’s horoscope chart??

In-depth analysis of 8th house in chart gives us the answer for all the above queries. In astrology the 8th house is normally depicted as house of death, fears, danger, loss, scandals, imprisonment, and above all it is treated as a hidden house. The only positive things attributed to 8th house are, inheritance and sudden luck provided it is influenced by benefic planets in any way. All the above factors are true as long as the predictions are correlated with reference to the time and dasa period of the individual.

     8th house is a hidden house and hence placement of benefic planet relating to a benefic house will reduce the benefic effects of the said planet. But at the same time placement of any planet relating to a malefic house will not result in any negative effects relating to the malefic houses concerned and instead only produces positive impact. It will only cause vipreet raja yoga which is good to the individual. 8th house is considered as house of death. Actually the 8th shows only the individual’s longevity. The strength of the planets associated with 8th house decides the person’s longevity or Ayush but not his death.

   The dasa periods ( major or minor dasa periods) of 8th lord or the planets deposited in 8th house only denotes a total transformation in a person whether physically, financially, emotionally, socially, morally, into a new person after experiencing lot of hardships in life. So, it is a house of transformation to a new life discarding old pattern of life, old thoughts, old habits,etc… However, if the dasa period happens to be at an older age, the transformation could be attributed to his leaving the body and taking a new status of heavenly body.

     All the characteristics referred to the 8th house are the process undergone by individuals during the course of time to become a transformed person. The placement of benefic planets brings out the changes without much trouble and the malefic planets vice- versa. But whatever happens would be in an unexpected way whether it’s a loss or gain. If an individual realizes and understands this process of regeneration, there is no fear about the periods of planets associated with 8th house during his life time. Instead, he can make use of the opportunity to refine himself and pave way to his own new life with positivity.

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