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Italy Education Guide For Indian Students

Study In Italy Education Guide For Indian Students

With more than 100 renowned universities, Italy holds a position in the global education scenario. Italian Universities woo the Indian students with unique scholarship schemes.

Work & Student Visas in Italy

European Union (EU) students may enter Italy with a passport or an ID card and are entitled to work or study in Italy without a visa for as long as they wish. These students must, however, register with the Questura (police station) to obtain residence and therefore should ensure they have all the documents requested for this procedure before leaving their home country and entering Italy.

Non-EU students are required to obtain a study visa prior to entering Italy. Visa applications should be sent to students’ nearest Italian Embassy or Consulate. Always start these procedures well in advance of the intended date of entry. Visa procedures are subject to change, so it is worthwhile to contact the Italian Embassy for information to confirm current visa requirements. Non-EU students may work while they study in Italy if they obtain a work permit, which is quite difficult, so it is not recommended to rely on getting a job upon arrival to Italy.

In addition to having a valid ID or passport (with visa if required) upon entering Italy, students should also carry the following documents with them:

  • Letter of acceptance from the university
  • Proof of adequate financial means of support, including the amount necessary to travel back to their home country or have already purchased a valid return-ticket
  • Health documents

The universities in the country follow European Credit Transfer System. A three tire higher education system is followed. The degrees awarded are recognized internationally. This system awards three years full time basic Bachelor’s degree to students and after completing this course they can pursue two years Master’s degree. There is also a provision of combined course of duration 5 years for subjects like pharmacy, chemistry, dentistry, law, architecture, engineering and veterinary medicine. For surgery and medicine, the course is of 6 years duration. The duration of the PhD degree is of 2-3 years. For pursuing jobs of teacher and lawyers, you can even get education at specialized schools for one to two years.

Education is imparted through university and non-university sectors. Under the category of the university sector there are different state universities, private ones, specialized ones for postgraduate studies as well as telematics universities are included. Again, under the non-university category, institutes and schools that deal with design, arts, humanities, applied arts, music and choreographic studies are included. Apart from these higher education institutes, there are others specialising in the fields of integrated education, technical education, archiving, restoration, diplomatic and military studies. A wide range of subjects are offered which includes Art, Art history, Communication, Film, History, Literature, Photography, Political Science, Sociology, International Business, Finance, Management Information Technology and other related fields.


Quality education imparted by educational institutes and a competitive fee structure attracts international students to study there. For seeking admission to Bachelor degree courses in Italy, Indian students have to complete secondary school examination from a recognized board. You need to submit the secondary school certificate, translated and authenticated by Italian Embassy. For seeking admission to Masters degrees, you need to submit the original Bachelor degrees awarded by the concerned university, which has to be translated and authorized by Italian Consulate. Apart from this, you need to submit a document which describes the previous qualification, syllabi, and an official transcript of course and also the grades obtained, which has to be translated and validated by the Italian Embassy.

Documents required

A host of documents is required by the Indian students, to study in Italy. The most important being the student Visa. For this, you need to submit application details with all your contact details. If you are applying with less than 15 working days in hand, then a waiver declaration is required. Along with these, you need two recent passport size photographs. Other important documents are your passport, medical insurance of coverage of approximately 30,000 Euros, recent educational certificates that are translated and legalized by an officer of Italian Embassy. Invitation letter issued by the respective university in Italy and documentation regarding the financial condition of the applicant are also a must. If you have received any scholarship from Government of Italy then that document, proof of your boarding and lodging, and a cover letter explaining your visit also needs to be submitted.

Language Requirements

There are many reputed universities where the courses are taught in English. Though, in few institutes, courses are taught in Italian. Indian students can also submit their thesis in English.

Part time job

The students have scope for volunteering during their curriculum, as a part of the various EU schemes.

Fee structure

Each university has its individual fee structure. On an average, a student has to pay an amount ranging from 850 to 1000 Euros per year. The annual fee is paid semester wise in two parts.For students pursuing a doctoral degree, there is provision of grants and scholarships.

Career prospects

Employment has always been an important agenda for the Italian Government. The universities have a good relationship with noted employers and through internship and placements, the students can build a rapport with employers.

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