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Unknown facts about Applicant Tracking System(ATS)

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Job hunters and applicant tracking systems are like vinegar and oil. The can feel like they’re almost impossible to mix together.

However, with a bit of energetic shaking, that vinegar and oil can come to be a nice salad dressing. To shake up a stalled task seek, it’s time to prevent believing an ATS is your enemy and start knowledge how they work so you can use them to your advantage. Getting the facts is a incredible area to start.

Fact 1: 75 percent of large companies use an ATS according to Capterra, an application tracking system reviews company.

The majority of massive corporations use a few sort of applicant tracking system and SMBs are following suit. Expect to come upon these at some point of your job search.

Fact: 70 percent of the resumes are not seen by the employers

Big companies get lots of resumes each week (a suggested 50,000 consistent with week for Microsoft and 75,000 in line with week for Google). There’s no time for a human to go through every one. The ATS cuts approximately 70 percent that don’t fit the desired criteria.

Fact: Rare keywords are your secret weapon in beating the ATS

To get a top-ranking resume you not handiest want a high amount of keywordsbut you also need first rate key phrases. Some key phrases are weighed more than others and resumes that encompass those will immediately stand out. Hint: Look on the job description and interviewer’s LinkedIn profile for clues.

Fact: Resume length doesn’t matter to the ATS

Computer software doesn’t care if your resume is one page or five. While you could be a bit extra liberal when growing copy, keep in mind the closing purpose is on your resume to reach a human eye. If the period is ridiculous, it will get thrown out. Find the candy spot to appease both man and machine.

Fact: Skip abbreviations and include written-out acronyms

Abbreviations can be overlooked if they are not programmed into the ATS, so play it safe by means of spelling out words completely. Use famous industry acronyms but spell out the phrases in parenthesis afterword to make sure your facts gets pulled and ranked appropriately.

Fact: ATS save companies tons of money

A small corporation with just eight employees can save $10,000 in wasted effort and time the usage of an ATS. For huge agencies, the financial savings are much extra. That money motivation manner the ATS is simplest gong to become greater prominent.

Now that you have a few basic informationyou could replace your task search to align with the ATS as a substitute than struggle it. Of course if you want additional help fine-tuning your resume, a instruct from GetFive will come up with the last edge.