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The Most Important Applicant Tracking System features

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Applicant monitoring systems (ATS) have emerge as an indispensable part of the hiring landscape. According to a Capterra research, seventy five percent of recruiters and skills managers use some form of recruitment or applicant monitoring software. Amongst these, an awesome majority of 94 percentage HR professionals attest to the fact that the use of an ATS have significantly advanced their hiring process.

Why use an ATS?

Posting of task listings online through job portals, profession pages or maybe social media channels have resulted in a completely unique mission for recruiters today. Online listings attract masses of applications and no longer all of them are certified for the job.

Sorting via thousands of information points within the quest for applicable applicants is a notably resource-intensive task and this is why you need to replace to an applicant tracking gadget. An ATS thoroughly scans and parses each software for competencies and gives you a ability percentage healthy to support your selection making.

Using an applicant tracking machine can assist in making your hiring procedure an awful lot more organized and powerful while extensively slashing down the time and prices related to recruitment at the same time. Companies that use an applicant tracking system have reported

applicant tracking system report

  • 75% lesser time wasted in hiring process
  • 70% faster report creation
  • 15% reduction in time to fill
  • 10% more placements per month

How does an ATS work?

Everytime an applicant submits the resume it receives uploaded to the ATS database. The storage of records keeps even after the position carried out for gets filled. This guarantees that each activity requisition receives matched with applicants with the specified skill-set and qualifications.

The applicant tracking systems use varying technologies to sort via the candidate statistics. It levels from easy keyword matching to apply of artificial intelligence algorithms to delve deep into the candidate information.

ATS creates a centralized statistics repository which permits the hiring managers to access candidate information and past communique at one location, regardless of the degree of the hiring process.

How to pick the right ATS for your company?

The ATS marketplace is highly aggressive and crowded. The ATS marketplace is forecasted to develop at a CAGR of 8% and predicted to reach $2.34 billion by means of 2026. There are masses of applicant tracking systems to be had inside the market right now and each system gives a different mixture and scope of capabilities.

With so many alternatives available at your disposal, selecting the top applicant monitoring system for your enterprise calls for a enormous quantity of studies and due diligence to be conducted.

pick the right ATS

suitable ATS allows automate multiple components of the recruitment process right from posting of jobs, monitoring of applicant information, and conduction of interview to provide and onboarding.
Here is a list of features you have to be looking for when deciding on the satisfactory applicant monitoring device for your organization.

1. Automated job listings

Your ATS need to allow you to put up process listings at multiple locations which include your career’s web pagetask portals and social media to attract a wide variety of candidates. The option of updating jobs on the career’s web page of your company website is a cherry on pinnacle of the cake.

Your ATS must be capable of music which listing has been the most a hit at connecting with the right candidates in order that the statistics can be applied when planning the next hiring cycle. This way your hiring managers can focus their recruiting efforts at the regions where the records suggests they have got the most achievement while lowering or putting off efforts in areas that show little results.

2. Integrated candidate database

An applicant tracking machine need to not best appeal to the excellent talent, it need to additionally compel them to complete the utility technique. A whooping 60% of the candidates fail to complete the utility technique because they find it too complex or too lengthy.

The ATS you select must facilitate the application process inside the least cumbersome way possible. Sometimes the candidates might be making use of for specific positions, having the ability to bypass the tedious technique of retyping their records for every application is a treasured time saver which can enhance the final touch charges on your hiring procedure.

3. Skill parser and Screener

The ATS desires to scan each utility and in my opinion parse it for the needful skill set. Applicant tracking structures like MyNextHire provide the outcomes in the shape of talent percentage in shape so that your hiring managers can quantify their recruitment selection making and again up their selections with data.

Your ATS ought to additionally make searching for facts inside the database seamless for your team. A mobile pleasant ATS or one which comes with a cellular app adds an element of accessibility to it.

4. Calendar integration for effective scheduling

ATS plays a critical role in the interview process too. Having integrations with the calendar of your preference ensures that you by no means lose tune of the scheduled interviews. An ATS that lets in the recruiters to reschedule and cancel interviews inside the system itself saves them from the hassle of juggling among different programs and makes the hiring manner much extra streamlined.

Some ATS like MyNextHire also supply you the option of conducting video interviews and recording them from the application itself making it one prevent destination for your whole hiring technique.

5. Harness the power of AI

Artificial intelligence and system mastering algorithms have found vast application within the hiring and recruitment landscape. Some applicant tracking systems like MyNextHire, use chatbots to engage with the applicants for the duration of the application manner and to maintain them engaged.

The ATS also gives sentiment evaluation of the applicant emails, ensuring that the candidate you rent is a cultural suit inside your company and has the right attitude.

6. Analytics and tracking metrics

The age vintage recommendation of control guru Peter Drucker “What receives measured, receives managed”, holds actual to this date. Knowing how efficient your hiring method is, understanding its shortcomings and improving upon the same is crucial for building a strong recruitment plan.

Your ATS and the analytics it gives to gauge the effectiveness of the entire manner is essential for bringing in technique improvements inside the future. Dashboards with clear visualization of your progress and normal reporting of the identical is some thing you shouldn’t miss out on when deciding on an applicant tracking system.