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1)The word stegenography comes from the Greek word means

covered writing or secret writing.

2)Messages are hidden in such away that no one apart from the

intended recipient even knows that a message has been sent. It

is the main goal of Steganography.

3)Anyone scanning data will fail to know it contains encrypted


4)It is achieved by concealing the existence of information in

harmless covers like text,image,video,audio etc.

5)There are various types of Steganography.

  • Text Steganography.
  • Image Steganography.
  • Audio Steganography.
  • Video Steganography.

6)Line-shift coding,Word-shift coding,Feature coding are the three

types of coding in Text Steganography.


1)The informations are difficult to detect and only receiver can

detect it.

2)It provides better security for sharing data through LANand


3) It can be done with large number of softwares.


1)The confidential information is maintained by algorithms,

if the algorithm is known,this technique is of no use.

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