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SSL Certificate

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SSL Certificate:

SSL Means “Secure Socket Layer”. It provides privacy, critical security and data integrity for both your websites and users’ personal information. SSL certificate should be installed on the server. After Installation is completed the website can securely access the service via HTTPS or any other SSL Protocols.


1. Encrypts Information:

The SSL is allowed secure connection form a web server to a browser it is used to secure data transfer, credit card transactions, logins, securing browsing, social media sites.

2. SSL certificate :

The addition to encryption also provides the proper SSL certificate authentication. This certificate acts as a mediator between browsers and SSL servers. It will validate the Domain validate, organization validates, Extended validate.

3. SSL provides trust:

HTTPS protects against the phishing attacks. The phishing email is sent by the criminal who tries to Impersonate the website.It will avoid for these criminals affect receive a proper SSL certificate. it means the user will be far less likely to fall the phishing attack.

Follow the below steps for set HTTPS on your website:

1 Host with a dedicated IP addressed

2. Buy certificates.

3. Activate the certificate.

4. Install the certificate.

5. Update your site to use HTTPS.


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