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Solar Energy for Agriculture

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Farmers and ranchers face the many difficulties of reducing agriculture operating costs, and competing in the international marketplace. Agriculture Solar assists in mitigating all these challenges by providing independent solar energy generation and storage through a turnkey solar photovoltaic and thermal system. This Agriculture Solar system will reduce costs and improve your brand in the eyes of agriculture retailers and consumers. A way to save money on your power bills, without having to put any money down. A month-to-month fixed competitive rate. Agriculture Energies program for delivering power to your equipment a cleaner, more affordable alternative to your monthly bill. With our “power purchase” qualifying farmers can simply pay for their solar power by the month, just like your bill, only lower and locked in for 20 years.

The Details:

Agriculture Solar handles everything from start to finish – including installation, monitoring, maintenance and repairs.

  • Qualified participants start saving from day one once system is turned on (date of commissioning).

  • In most cases, program’s power rate is noticeably less expensive than current energy bill.

  • PPA is a common industry standard for a solar “Power Purchase Agreement.”

  • Power Purchase Agreements are intended to allow payment for the power the solar panels produce, as opposed to the leasing the equipment.

  • PPA program requires no front cost beyond first power payment once the system is commissioned.

  • Purchase price of power is locked in for a twenty (20) year period.

  • It is possible to agree to a five (5) year renewal of the agreement beyond the end of the original term, and then after that, agree to a second five (5) renewal of the agreement.

  • Option of purchasing the program’s system outright at the end of years six (6), fifteen (15), and twenty (20), at a fair market value.

  • A good credit rating is necessary to qualify.

  • System is always connected to a generator, any electricity needs that the solar doesn’t produce, is automatically covered by generator.

  • According to the United States Department of Energy, the cost of diesel fuel has increased 6.5% annually over the last 20 year

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