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School Management System

RosarioSIS has following features in school management system.

School Setup

  • Create schools & edit their information.
  • Easily add information fields about your school.
  • Set up the marking periods, school periods & grade levels.
  • Manage & consult the calendar, the school events & the student assignments.
  • Create notes & polls.
  • Configure SIS, activate & deactivate online registration, modules & plugins.



  • Add new students & edit their information (enrollment, demographic information, photo, addresses & contacts, medical).
  • Easily add information fields about your students.
  • Print advanced reports & consult statistics.
  • Print formatted letters & mailing labels to contact your students.
  • Create parent users from the student contacts.


  • Add new users (administrators, teachers & parents) & edit their information.
  • Easily add information fields about the users.
  • Easily add new user profiles & configure their permissions.
  • Notify the parents that never logged into the system.



  • Schedule your students into the course periods.
  • Possibility to work with requests & the scheduler.
  • Print schedules, class lists, face-books & requests.
  • Consult reports about the schedules & the requests.
  • Spot incomplete schedules & requests.
  • Organize your school’s subjects, courses & course periods.



  • Teachers can create assignments, enter grades in the gradebook & final grades for its students.
  • Print report cards, transcripts & honor roll certificates.
  • Consult reports & statistics about the students grades & GPA.
  • Configure the report card grades & comments.
  • Spot anomalous grades.



  • Teachers can take attendance for its students & consult the summary.
  • Add absences & comments.
  • Consult reports about attendance & teacher completion.
  • Configure the attendance codes.


  • Teachers can automatically report what students are eligible for athletic or academic activities using the gradebook.
  • Consult reports about teacher completion.
  • Configure the activities.



  • Add, edit & consult discipline referrals.
  • Consult statistics about the students referrals.
  • Configure the discipline form.


Accounting & Student Billing

  • Manage school incomes & expenses.
  • Manage staff salaries & payments.
  • Manage student fees & payments.
  • Consult student, staff & school balances, the daily transactions.
  • Print statements.

Food Service

  • Manage the food service accounts of the students & the staff.
  • Consult statements, manage transactions.
  • Serve meals.
  • Set up the menus, its items & the daily menus.
  • Consult reports about the activity, the transactions & the reminders.


  • Students, parents & teachers are automatically created, updated & deleted in Moodle.
  • Subjects, courses & course periods are automatically created, updated & deleted in Moodle.
  • Automatically schedule or drop students from a course period in Moodle.
  • Events & assignments are automatically added to & removed from the Moodle calendar.
  • Portal notes are automatically created, updated & deleted in Moodle.

Other features:

  • In line help.
  • Convert each page to a PDF ready to print.
  • Export the lists to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Powerful & customizable student search module.
  • Responsive design: compatible with smartphones & tablets.