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Results and Reactions

With the results just round the corner many a student will be nervous. I believe there are three broad categories of students. 1. Those that have done very well and are confident of the results 2. Those that have not done well and also do not particularly care. Either they have already decided the college and course and the means to get there. 3. Those that have worked very hard, but are unsure if they will get 80% and above or below 70%. If they score 80% and above, their chances of getting into a reasonably good college are strong. If they get less that 70% they are in some trouble or at least that is what they think.
But today the options are very many and scores lesser than anticipated should not be the reason for a child to feel depressed. Unexpected questions, very strict corrections, errors and omission on the part of the student can all lead to this situation. It does not mean that the student is not intelligent or that he or she is a “no-good-fellow”.
Parents and elders are advised not to penalize or criticize the student and call him or her names.

At the same time parents must avoid falling into the usual trap of making comparison with another relative or neighbour or a friend’s son or daughter. Remember that each child is an independent individual with separate set of talents and capabilities. The onus is on the elders to help the child identify the obvious and not so obvious talents and nurture them. There are many organizations that can help the student identify these talents and capabilities through some tried and tested methods. A small investment in such consultation will go a long way in ensuring that the child will one day work and be happy in the field that is best suited to him or her.

Students can opt for a re-evaluation or they can re-assess the course, the college and the destination of study.

Foreign universities have opened the doors for students from India because Indians by nature are hard-working and have the right aptitude to adapt to technology, analysis and finance functions.