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Phishing is the criminally fradulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as user names,passwords and credit card details in electronic communication.

Phishing is a fradulent e-mail that attempts you to get personal information.

Phishing techniques

  • Link manipulationMisspelled URLs or the use of sub domains are common tricks used by Phishers.
  • Filter evasion – Phishers have used images instead of text to make it harder for anti-Phishing filters to detect text commonly used in Phishing e-mails.
  • Website forgery – A victim visits the Phishing website the deception is not over. Some Phishing scams use JavaScript commands in order to alter the address bar. This is done either by placing a picture of a legitimate URL over the address bar, or by closing the original address bar and opening a new one with the legitimate URL.
  • Phone phishing – Messages are come in phone that you dial to this number, for your problems in bank accounts.

    Once you dial to this number it asks pin number and your bank account number.

    The number you dialled is fake.It is known as voice Phishing or Phone phishing.

    Causes of Phishing

  • Misleading e-mails
  • No check of source address
  • Vulnerability in browsers
  • No strong authentication at websites of banks and financial institutions
  • Limited use of digital signatures
  • Non-availability of secure desktop tools
  • Lack of user awareness
  • Vulnerability in applications

    Effects of Phishing

  • Internet fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Financial loss to the original institutions

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