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Options in Europe

Europe is facing a huge crisis in the form of aging manpower. The average age of an employee is 45 and above and in next ten years more and more people will enter into retirement. This means the government needs to provide more in the form of pensions, care for the old and so on. At the same time there are not enough people in their own country (is) to fill in the space left be those seeking retirement. In fact in some of the European countries the retirement age has been increased and the governments are encouraging more and more old people to rejoin work.

What does this mean for us in India? Qualified Indians can now look for employment in Europe. The simplest and sure-fire route is to enrol for a master’s or undergraduate program in universities in Europe; Complete the course and also gain a good command over the local language and successfully apply for a job in the local industry. The one difficulty will be with mastering the local language. Germany is very widely spoken…If a student can learn to speak, read and write the German language he or she can be sure of landing a good job in their chosen field. Many universities in Europe offer a language course as part of the undergraduate and graduate curriculum.

Students can enrol in programs that are very economical costs. For example the Tuition Fees for An undergraduate program in Aerospace Engineering will be only 3000 Euros per month. In some countries some of the programs are free of charge!!!
So Europe can be the happy hunting ground for many of our students…