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List of Opensource ATS used for Recruitment process

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Recruitment Process through ATS:

Recruitment involves numerous tasks: posting jobs, managing process boards, scheduling and engaging in interviews, coping with communication, and rolling out provide letters to selected candidates. Recruiters must scour loads of resumes to locate the proper candidate. They also need to coordinate with more than one stakeholders—including hiring managers, team managers, and senior leadership—all through the hiring process.

Because juggling these tasks concurrently isn’t easy, recruiters may additionally once in a while leave out out on capability candidates, which will be harmful for the business. For instance, if an offer letter isn’t always despatched on time, a particular candidate may additionally accept every other company’s offer.

To avoid such mishaps, organizations can use an applicant monitoring system (ATS). This form of software automates recruitment-related operations to help corporations song an applicant’s status in the course of the hiring cycle.

Benefits of Using Applicant Tracking Software

Applicant Tracking System Benefits

Note: Open Source isn’t solely free, you will additionally adapt it to your own needs.
List Of Opensource ATS
Open CATS:
OpenCATS may be a free and ASCII text file mortal pursuit computer code with versatile optionsit’s utterly customizable and may be utilized by little to enterprise-level businesses for his or her achievement processes. Being self-hosted by the house owners, this computer code will offer high-end management over information security and significant data. The community of developers is there to support just in case of any downside regarding customization or modification in practicality is needed.

Key options

Extremely simple to use
Allows internal and external recruiting
Enables skill-based tagging
Can manage candidates and purchasers each
Facilitates company disapproval
Can be used web-based or native
Helps in storing resumes during a systematic manner

Recruity is an open-supply applicant tracking machine evolved in The Netherlands. This software is the outcome from day by day exercise and turned into evolved primarily based completely on open-supply concept. It is customizable as in line with your requirements regarding recruitment and hiring. You can hold all the information stable as you can run this software program to your network.

Key options

Applications following & management
Recruiting management
Acquiring talent & background screening
Managing candidates
Job posting
On boarding formalities

Insta Talent:
instaTalent is associate ASCII text file somebody pursuit computer code specially designed for little and medium sized businesses. it’s thought-about to be a sophisticated nevertheless straightforward computer code which might enhance your enlisting method. The recruiters will track job postings and applications for the vacancies mistreatment this computer code. From assembling candidates’ responses to their acceptance, this computer code will handle everything with reference to enlisting seamlessly.
Key Features
Allows resume extraction and parsing
Helps in analyzing the tradition of the potential candidates
Allows automatic correspondence
Displays candidate progress glide graphical analysis
Provides an overview of career history analysis
Helps in analyzing fees referring to recruitment
Talent Hire:
TalentHire is a robust applicant tracking software presented by way of CEIPAL. It allows in enhancing the hiring process, starting from posting vacancies to hiring candidates. It is constructed on an open-supply architecture providing high-cease scalability to the groups of all sizes. It allows agencies in executing brief hiring, onboarding, and workforce control process. This software program is used by small to medium-sized agencies of various sectors like IT, healthcare, education, etc.

Key options

Manages job requisitions
Publishes jobs on integrated platforms with one click
It will integrate with 30+ job boards
Facilitates looking out, screening, & choosing candidates simply
Enhanced knowledge security with the two-way verification
Manages all data during a efficient manner
Includes CRM options
Follows the electronic method to form onboarding process easier


Appliview is a flexible applicant tracking software program that may take the recruitment process of your organization to the following level. The staffing & employment agencies, hiring managers, and recruitment professionals can rely on this software for brief and superior workflow maximizing sales and enhancing productivity.

Key Features

Helps in resume assessment
Facilitates screening background
Manages candidate information
Schedules interviews
Includes collaboration tools
Automates onboarding process