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Hacking tools and techniques

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Common Hacking Tools

To accomplish an excellent hack, hackers enforce a wide variety of techniques such as:


A rootkit is a application or set of software gear that allow danger actors to advantage remote access to manipulate a laptop system that interacts or connects with the internet. Originally, a rootkit was developed to open a backdoor in a machine to fix precise software program issues. Unfortunately, this application is now used by hackers to destabilize the manage of an operating machine from its valid operator or user.

There are unique ways to put in rootkits in a victim’s device, the most famous of them being social engineering and phishing attacks. Once rootkits are mounted in the machine, it secretly allows the hacker to get admission to and manipulate the system, giving them the possibility to carry the machine down or scouse borrow crucial facts.


This is a in particular designed device that logs or data each key pressed on a device. Keyloggers document each keystroke through clinging to the API (utility programming interface) while typed via the computer keyboard. The recorded record then receives saved, which includes statistics like usernames, website visit details, screenshots, opened applications, etc.

Keyloggers can capture credit card numbers, private messages, mobile numbers, passwords, and other details––as lengthy as they’re typed. Normally, keyloggers arrive as malware that allows cybercriminals to thieve sensitive statistics.

Vulnerability Scanner

A vulnerability scanner classifies and detects various gadget weaknesses in networks, computers, communication systems, etc. This is one of the most commonplace practices utilized by ethical hackers to find ability loopholes and connect them on a direct basis. On the opposite hand, vulnerability scanners also can be utilized by black-hat hackers to test the system for potential vulnerable spots with a purpose to take advantage of the gadget.

Common Hacking Techniques

SQL Injection Attack

Structured Query Language (SQL) is designed to take advantage of the records in a database. SQL Injection is a form of cyber-attack that goals databases through SQL statements to trick systems. This form of assault is executed thru a website interface that tries to difficulty SQL commands through a database to hack usernames, passwords, and different database information.

Web applications and websites that are poorly coded are prone to SQL injection assaults due to the fact these web-primarily based packages contain user-input fields (which include search and login pages, product and support request forms, feedback section, etc.) that are vulnerable and can be effortlessly hacked through manipulating the codes.

Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS)

DDoS is a sort of malicious attack that distorts normal site visitors to go into a server, flooding the network traffic (ensuing in a denial of service). It acts like a visitors jam that clogs the road and forestalls regular visitors from arriving at their destination. Devices that easily connect with the network (such as computers, IoT devices, cell phones, etc.) are prone to DDoS attacks.