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Green House Effect

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1) Green house effect is one of the natural process.

2) Green house effect is warming of the lowest layer of atmosphere called Troposphere.

3) It is caused by Carbon-dioxide,methane, water vapour and some other gases in air.

4) The earth is heated by sunlight,and part of the radiation is reflected back towards

space is known as infrared radiation.

5) Global warming is the green house effect,increasing average air temperature near the

surface of the earth over past one to two centuries.

6) The percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has significantly increased thereby adding to the greenhouse effect by the increased burning of fossil fuels.

7) The Green house effect is the chief cause of climate change which in turn is the primary factor responsible for climate change.

8) Water level balance on the earth will get disturbed.

9) Global warming would also affect the weather pattern.

10) Water level balance of the earth would be destroyed.

11) Polar ice caps would melt leading to an increase in the ocean level. Floods will inundate low lying areas.

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