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Future of Data Science

The next generation of scientific discovery and technological innovation will be data-driven. Deriving value from all the data now available, for economic growth and to benefit society, requires a transformation in data analysis. Data Science is an emerging area of work concerned with this task of extracting insight from large collections of data. Without Data Science the business will treated as dead man walking without a heart, a soul and a mind. Data Scientists will always be the mitochondria of Data Science.

To analyze the huge amount of Finance, healthcare, marketing domain data, large no of data science people are required.

Unlike earlier days where decisions were made based on past experience, CEO can make decision based on analysis using real time data with mathematical modeling. Machine learning techniques, deep learning and quantum computing are different dimensions of data science. The application of data science dimensions is continuously growing day by day in different domain.

Predictions For The Future of Data Scientists

There will always be a demand for data scientists to build the proper platforms for businesses because in data science we are aware

Maybe there won’t be as many computations, because that part will be automated, but there will always be a need for the modelling. Whether it’s food industry or insurance or technology, there will always be a need for data scientist to solve business problems, and that’s never ending process because business requirements are continuous changing process and pattern of consumer’s behaviour will also change. According to theguardian Data Scientists: ‘As rare as Unicorns’ . The demand for Data Scientists has grown by 350% in the past five years, and is predicted to continue to rise sharply [City University London] ,So, Data Scientists will be treated as Unicorn.

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