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free medical education in germany

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A common question in the minds of parents is “Will my son/daughter be able to get an admission in Germany for medical education?” Or for that matter in any field of medicine?

Germany government offers free or negligible, very low cost medical education for Indian and International students. It take 6 years to complete a degree in Germany. All universities offer quota in medical seat for Indian students.  Complete information available at https://www.daad.de/en.

The students have to first complete their 13th year of study to be elgible for the the undergraduate program in medicine.

There is more than one academy that offers the PSP (Pre Studies Program). The program for medicine is known as PSP-Med and for engineering it is known as PSP-Tech and so on… The Pre Studies programs are offered by Studium Colleges.

Those who got top ranking in the entrance test, will be eligible for “free” education. Others will have to pay for their medical education. The fees will depend upon the institution. In some specific cases students can avail as much as 70% scholarship¬† subject to conditions.

Students can study for their Master’s and Super Specialty degrees while being paid for their services as a physician.

Students can get a opportunity to get settle in a well developed country.

Those who choose to settle in Germany or other parts of Europe as a Doctor of Medicine will be highly paid and respected. They will have access to the latest technologies in the field of medicine.