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Flow Chart

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  Flow chart
1) A flow chart is a type of diagram that represents an algorithm,workflow or process.
2) Flow chart shows the steps as boxes of various kinds,their order by connecting with
3) Flowcharts are used in analyzing, designing, documenting or managing a process or
program in various fields.
Common Types of Symbols
1)  A processing step, usually called activity are denoted as a rectangular box.
2)  A decision, usually denoted as a diamond symbol.
3)  Input and output of data as in entering data or displaying results-Represented as a
4)  Process – Set of operations that change value, form, or location of data-Represented
as a rectangle.
5)  Named process which is defined elsewhere- Represented as a rectangle with double-
struck vertical edges.
6) For the program order of operation,Flow-line is used that is Arrow head-A line coming
from one symbol and ending at other.
Other symbols
The ANSI/ISO standards include symbols beyond the basic shapes. Some are
1) Data File or Database represented by a cylinder (disk drive).
2) Document represented as a rectangle with a wavy base.
3) Manual input represented by quadrilateral, with the top irregularly sloping up from
left to right like the side view of a keyboard.
4) Manual operation represented by a trapezoid with the longest parallel side at the
top, to represent an operation or adjustment to process that can only be made
5) Parallel Mode represented by two horizontal lines at the beginning or ending of
simultaneous operations.
1) Many applications and visual programming languages that use flowcharts to
represent and execute programs.
2) Flow charts are used as teaching tools for beginner students. Examples include
Flowgorithm, Raptor, LARP, Visual Logic, and VisiRule.

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