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Features Of An Applicant Tracking System To Help Your Recruiting Today

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According to a recent have a look at by using CareerBuilder, an remarkable 40 percentage of employees suggested that they plan to change jobs in 2018. With so many candidates applying to jobs, corporations are going to ought to step up their game to attract the maximum certified applicants and get them organized as soon as they’ve applied.

That’s where finding the exceptional Applicant Tracking System comes into play.

The main reason of an ATS is to automate the complete recruitment process through monitoring and organizing applicants in one database.

While specific Applicant Tracking Systems offer exclusive features, they regularly include:

  • Career web page hosting
  • Job distribution
  • Receiving and sorting applications
  • Resume storage
  • Collaborating with teammates
  • Messaging and interview schedulers
  • Onboarding tools
  • Social sharing

Here are the pinnacle 8 features of ways an ATS allow you to achieve today’s aggressive activity market.

1. Career web page hosting
Your career web page is in which you may display open positions on your organization website. Many ATSs permit you to manage it immediately from their structures. The ATS makes it easy to installationoffering a place so that it will upload photos, logos, descriptions, social share buttons, and more to help marketplace your openings.

The careers page is frequently where applicants end up after interacting together with your job publish elsewhere, so it is important to have a page that reflects your employer’s values and lists the to be had positions.

2. Job distribution
Getting your job put up to as many task forums as viable can maximize your attain, thereby growing your probabilities of locating the appropriate applicant.

Many of the big recruitment sites such as Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, and Ziprecruiter have partnerships with Applicant Tracking Systems. This way that whilst you create your activity posting, you can immediately publish it to all of those websites with a few clicks.

Using your ATS, you may get your task post on many process boards and track which applicants are coming from which forums to regulate your distribution strategy.

3. Receiving and sorting applications
Once you’ve got created your activity publish and sent it to a couple of task forums, it’s time to start evaluating programs. Using an ATS, your programs from all recruitment websites may be pulled into one database and you could then quickly view and sort them.

Every Applicant Tracking System uses special techniques to sort and organize applications, and a few can mechanically rule out candidates who do not in shape the task qualifications. These days, many ATSs have integrated with AI software program that applies wise automation to screening and shortlisting resumes by matching applicants in your existing personnel’ resumes.

One of the principle reasons to use an ATS is that every one of your programs could be available in a single platform to preserve things organized and make sure compliance.

4. Resume storage
Each time someone applies for your task opening, their resume is stored into your Applicant Tracking System. The system holds onto all packages it has received, even after the position is filled.

This may be useful when needing to lease additional personnel or if you suppose the candidate could be a amazing fit for any other position. The ATS will save all candidates so that you will in no way lose song of a excellent candidate.

5. Collaborating with teammates
Choosing the proper candidate for your job can be tricky, in particular if they will be working intently with a crew. Applicant Tracking Systems clear up this trouble by means of enabling your group to work together in the hiring method.

You can without difficulty proportion applicant statistics with colleagues, assign distinct roles to distinctive crew members, and manage who has get admission to to what facts. This allows the recruiter to take the entire group into attention and have them take part inside the selection process.

6. Interview schedulers
So, you’ve created an splendid careers pageposted your job to a couple of activity forums, and evaluated your applicants. Now it’s time for interviews!

Using your Applicant Tracking System, you could message applicants quick and without problems. You can use this selection to speak whatever you need, ask questions, and agenda interviews. Messaging candidates may be in addition helped with the help of a recruitment chatbot to ask applicants screening questions and answer their FAQs approximately the job.

When you use an integrated scheduling device to set up interviews, the ATS will automatically remind both you and the candidate before the interview starts. This dramatically reduces no-shows, saving you time and frustration.

7. Onboarding tools
Once you have selected your most modern employee, it’s time to start the onboarding technique. Using an Applicant Tracking System for onboarding can speed up the time it takes to hire and formally fill your open position.

Many systems start by welcoming new hires to the group, introducing them for your agency, and explaining what to expect. You can upload resource pages for the new lease to accessalong with breakdowns of employee advantages and other essential statistics. From there, the new hire can fill out applicable paperwork to ensure that they’re equipped to move for his or her first day.

8. Social sharing
Social media can be a super device all through the recruitment method and plenty of Applicant Tracking Systems are designed with this in mind. These structures make it smooth to percentage your task post to multiple social media systems with just one click.

This permits your posting to be visible by greater capacity applicants, who can then apply directly from their laptop or cellular devices.

Final thoughts
As the job market maintains to develop and evolve, Applicant Tracking Systems are the important thing to assisting recruiters reach extra certified applicants.

With extra people seeking to change jobs than ever earlier thanusing an ATS offers your organisation a leg up in opposition to the competition by means of supporting you live prepared and on pinnacle of the hiring method.

There are many ATS options accessible and we advise finding one this is the right healthy on your business’ needs. One length does now not match all. Be aware to get a system that works for the scale of your business and the quantity of your hiring.

Regardless of the gadget you choose, 96% of groups surveyed say using an ATS has progressed their hiring. With accelerated hiring volume and today’s tight process market, now might be the ideal time if you want to put money into an ATS.