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Education In Germany

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Medical Education In Germany

Germany a good destination for higher studies
German Universities are state funded therefore mostly there will be no fee or very minimal fee. German Universities are the best and oldest in the World for technical education. Germany has more than 330 State Universities and more than 15000 Bachelor, Master and PhD degree programs.
Program fee
Some of the programs are free. For some of the programs you have to pay a nominal fee of 500 Euros per semester. At the same time there a number of paid program where the students want to study programs that are delivered in English only. There are a number of private universities and colleges that are not state-funded and here the students will have to pay fees.
German language
If you wish to access the free/low-cost programs that are offered by government funded universities you have to learn the local language. After all, at the end of the program the student would like to work in Germany. How will a person be able to work in Germany without knowing the local language? Please keep in mind that the German government will be very happy to see more and more young, educated and talented people joining their aging workforce.
If one has plans to study or work in Europe then he or she must know German. In fact if one know German and French he/ she can work anywhere in Europe. These two languages are very widely spoken in Europe..
In Germany one has to complete thirteen years of schooling in order to be eligible for joining the undergraduate programs. Students from India and other Asian countries have only tweleve years of schooling, therefore they have to complete the 13th year of schooling in Germany. This is called the PSP or pre-studies program. This program is conducted in Studium Colleges.

For the PSP Programs we require a minimum of 70% in the core subjects. An IELTS score of 6.0 is recommended.

For Master’s a minimum score of 70 % in academics and IELTS min. 6.5 / TOEFL Internet-based min. 85.There are some universities which requires GRE as well and Top Business School also requires GMAT. However the prerequisites vary based on the factors like course, university, level of program, etc.. Below 65% is also considered for some of the paid programs. We will assess the profile and offer the appropriate course.

There are a number of program options available for students from India. Engineering stream: Civil, Architecture, Mechanical, Automotive, Aeronautics, Marine, Computing, Electrical, Electronics, Textile, Optical, Etc.

You also have Environmental Sciences Medical Science & Public Health (Medicine, Veterinary, Dental, Pharmacy, Nursing, Bio, Psychology, Etc)

The Business Stream: (Business administration, Economics, Finance, Accounts, Management, Etc.) Music , Art, Theatre, Film, Media and so on…

Appointment Letter for the job
As far as the Medical Program is concerned, the student has to give an undertaking that he / she will continue to serve in the University Hospitals after completing the 6 year D.Med (MBBS) program.
Living expenses in Germany
The monthly cost of living will be approximately 400 to 500 Euros per month. It can be more or less than this as it depends upon your lifestyle and choices that you make.

Education Validity
The engineering and management programs are valid all over the world and you can use these programs to plan for higher studies in the US. The medical education is also valid but you will have to pass the USMLE…in order to be able to practice in hospitals in the US.
The chances of getting a PR are very good since there is very high demand for trained and qualified people all over Europe.
German Medical Education Popularity In India

Since the medical programs are taught in German, students prefer other destination where the medium of instructions is supposed to be in English. But what is the use of teaching medicine in Russia in English medium when all the patients that come to the hospital do not speak the English language. How can you, as an English speaking doctor interact with Russian speaking patients? It does not make any sense. In Germany, you have to know the German language in order to be able to practice medicine in Germany or other parts of Europe where German language is spoken. Besides you have to clear the MCI Screening Test in order to be able to practice medicine in India.