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Difference between cold pressed oil and hot pressed oil

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Hot-pressed oil:

Warm pressed oil is delicate oil in these nutrients could be absent. this oil no longer more healthy. Hot-pressed oil is extracted through heating the seeds at high temperatures around 300 degrees. by using this heating, the nutrients present in the seeds get lifeless. this oil will no longer have an actual aroma. from time to time chemicals can be added for flavor.

Cold-pressed oil:

Cold-pressed oil is likewise known as marachekku ennai. this oil is extracted by the timber press or cold press. the temperature might be maintained below 100 degrees. nutrients might be found in cold-pressed oil. no other chemical substances or ingredients could be delivered to this oil. bloodless-pressed oil gives the actual flavor aroma and odor.

So, my non-public opinion could be to eat cold-pressed oil. we can get fresh bloodless-pressed oil in oil generators.