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1) Cryptography is the method of protecting information also known as Cryptology.

2) Cryptography is a technique of  transforming information or encrypting information into an unreadable format   called cipher text.
3) Cryptography involves creating written or generated codes.
4) It allows information to be kept secret and converts data into a format that is unreadable for an unauthorized user.
5) Cryptography allowing information to be transmitted without anyone decoding data back into a readable format,  thus compromising the data.
6) The information cannot be read without a key to decrypt it.
7) Information security uses cryptography on several levels.
8) Encrypted messages can sometimes be broken by crypt analysis, also called code breaking.
9) Modern cryptography techniques are virtually unbreakable.
10) Cryptography systems can be broadly classified into symmetric-key systems and public-key systems.
11) In symmetric-key systems-Both sender and recipient have use a single key.
12) In public-key systems we use two keys, a public key is known to everyone and the private key used only by the recipients of messages.
13) Cryptography is used to protect e-mail messages, credit card information, and corporate data.


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