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Central Processing Unit

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Central Processing Unit
1) The CPU (Central Processing Unit), which performs most of the calculations which enable a computer to function.
2)A computer processor is also known as a CPU.CPU is referred to as the brain of the computer.
3) CPU is usually cooled by a heatsink and fan, or water-cooling system.
4) Most newer CPUs include an on-die Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).The CPU is a chip containing millions of tiny transistors. It’s the CPU’s job to perform the calculations necessary to make the computer work — the transistors in the CPU manipulate the data.
5) The clock speed of CPUs governs how fast it executes instructions, and is measured in GHz typical values lie between 1 GHz and 5 GHz
6) Many modern computers have the option to overclock the CPU which enhances performance at the expense of greater thermal output and thus a need for improved cooling.

Components inside a CPU are:
1) Mother board 2) Hard disk 3) Ram chip sloth 4) Graphics sloth 5) Dvd/rw sloth 6)Floppy drive sloth(not present in modern computers) 7)) USB ports 8) LAN port 9) Printer attachment port 10) Projector attachment port 11) Audio/microphone port
These are the fundamentals present inside a CPU. Some other adaptors may be present as per the users’ requirement.
1) The CPU basically “runs” the computer, executes all of the operating system software as well as all user applications like Word, Excel, games, and any other operating system like Unix, Linux, OS2, assembler, everything.
2) A modern computer contains many hardware components that work in concert to provide capability for a computer to receive data input and output as a result. This is the basic and essential purpose of a computer.

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