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CandidATS(Applicant Tracking System) and its Uses

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Using ATS Software for Employee Referrals

Employee referrals are a precious source for candidates. Applicants referred by existing employees are often hired faster and retained longer than applicants reached through outside recruitment efforts. The usage of ats software to assist with employee referrals is a commonplace-sense method that can streamline recruitment and limit mistakes within the referral program.

Proportion job postings routinely:

Sharing task postings automatically in step with an agenda permits employees to anticipate referral opportunities. while position openings are shared only as soon as, employees may also leave out the post and the hazard to percentage it within their networks. whilst determining upon a posting agenda, discovering to discover the instances that personnel are most active at the software program can result in greater effectiveness.

Make jobs shareable via employee portals:

Linking the ATS to hr software that personnel frequently access could make it easier for personnel to percentage job opportunities through their social media money owed and via electronic mail. whilst assessing shareability, search for links on job posts that allow employees to robotically percentage activity openings with only some clicks. the faster and less complicated jobs are to proportion, the more likely your employees could be to take part.

Set up referral tracking:

Employee referral monitoring can be bulky if it’s done manually. for quality outcomes, referral tracking has to be connected properly via the portal that’s, to begin with, used to share the location opening. candidates might not understand a way to deliver their connections credit score for referring, if there’s a subject that’s routinely crammed in on their utility with data approximately the referring worker, referral monitoring can be a great deal smoother.

Make referral counts and incentives public:

Providing an incentive for employee referrals can increase the fulfillment of a referral program. if personnel know that they will be receiving an advantage or even small praise for every referral that ends in employment, it is able to be surprisingly motivating.

To boom motivation further and possibly upload a touch of competition, you may wish to make employee referrals public. when employees see that their peers are referring associates, it could encourage them to get their personal friends on board with the business enterprise. it may also be a reward in itself for personnel to look their name framed in a high quality mild after relating to a brand new employee.

Use ATS information for candidate filtering:

While an ATS is used for an employee referral program, it makes greater filtering tools to be had. the ats may be used as standard to clear out applicants based totally on keywords and qualifications, but it may additionally be viable to use the software program to see what number of employees a candidate is hooked up to via social networks and other contact facts. in a close scenario among several applicants, this may be instrumental in creating a hiring decision.

An ATS can be used to install and maintain a rather powerful worker referral software as a part of a proactive hiring plan. using ats for worker referral programs can save management and hr time while ensuring that referral records are saved accurately and personnel is recognized and rewarded for that reason for their efforts.