DWQA QuestionsWhat is the difference between Angular 6 and Angular 7?
Tamil Amuthan Staff asked 4 years ago

The predominant differences between Angular 6 vs 7. Being an AngularJS Development Company the principle updates obtained for developers in Angular 6 have been ng update, Angular Material + CDK components, CLI Workspaces, Animations Performance Improvements, ng add, and Angular elements wherein Angular 7 they up to date component dev kit (CDK), Drag & drop. Virtual scrolling, application performance improvements, documentation & dependency updates.


Angular 6 Angular 7
Angular Element CLI Prompts
Service worker Virtual Scrolling
Internationalization (i18n) Drag and Drop
Bazel Compiler Bundle Budget
ng-add / ng-update Angular Compiler
ng-update Angular Do-Bootstrap
ngModelChange Better Error Handling
TypeScript 2.7 support TypeScript 3.1 support
Improved decorator error messages New ng-compiler
<ng-template> updated to <template> Native Script