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Watering Hole Attack

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    Watering Hole Attack

1) Watering Hole Attack is one of the malware attack, the attacker observes the websites,visited by a particular group and affect the sites with malware.

2) Watering hole attack is a significant threat to websites.

3) These attacks are difficult to diagnose.

4) Most employees of large organizations are mostly affected by the Watering hole attack.

5) The websites are infected with malware by the attackers.

6) Malware means malcious programming code.

7) The malcious code is mostly in form of HTML or JavaScript.

8) The code redirects the targeted groups to various site in which the malware is present.

9)   Malware is now ready to be infect machines upon their access of the compromised website.

10) During browsing several users not known it and  give the tracking information.

11)The tracking information gives the communication link of the targeted victim groups.

12) By educating users about such attack is one of the way to protect from watering hole attacks.

13) Regular inspection of websites for malcious code should be conducted is another prevention technique for watering hole attacks.

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