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Rest means Representational State Transfer. The REST architecture style is used to designing networked applications and developing web API’s. It relies on the stateless, cacheable communication, client-server protocol and in virtually all cases, the HTTP protocol is used. The World Wide Web-based on HTTP. It can be viewed as a REST-based architecture. The rest API is set of functions which developers can send the request and receive the response via HTTP protocol such as GET and POST method. API means Application Programming Interface. The API is set of commands, functions, objects, and protocols that programmers can use to create the software or interact with the external system. The API is available for desktop and mobile operating system. The Windows API includes networking commands it can be used to send and receive the data from local network or the internet.

The type of Rest API is shown below:

1. Twitter Rest API ,

2. Facebook Rest API,

3. Flickr Rest API,

4. Google translate REST API

5. Dropbox Rest API

6. Ebay developer REST API,

7. Bing Maps Rest api,

8. Magento Rest api.

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