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Reasons why your company should use an ATS

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In order to help organizations to recognize why the usage of an ATS is one of the cornerstones of an effective and successful recruitment process, we can focus in this article inside the pinnacle reasons why you want an Apnplicant Tracking System.

But earlier than telling you why, it’s also important that will help you decide while is the right time to put money into an ATS. Some of the signs and symptoms that you need to pay attention to are: enormous commercial enterprise growth; having an insufficient variety of team of workers members within the recruiting team; dealing with problems in managing the recruiting workflow and having a excessive turnover rate.

If your employer has any of these “symptoms”, it’s definitely of your interest to check the next segment of this article. So, let’s circulate on to

Reasons why your company should invest in an ATS

Save time

By using automating process board posting, CV submission you won’t need to manually input data into spreadsheets. With an ATS all of your candidate statistics is mechanically imported in your software program platform, which will prevent treasured time you used to waste in guide work. Also, with the integrated AI-primarily based pre-screening, you won’t spend one extra minute on absolutely unqualified applicants.

Be more efficient

An ATS lets in you to easily control and tune incoming candidates, keeping information organised and on hand to all your team individuals to review. With an ATS, looking your expertise pool for candidates via numerous categories, like location, competencies or education, for example, it’s also easy and quick. Moreover, an ATS can standardize not best all the candidates’ informationhowever also the recruitment manner itself, which allows recruiters to optimise the recruitment cycle, discover the first-class candidates and make the right hiring decision.

Be more productive

ATS have many functions and functionalities that improve the recruiter’s productivity like task posting on a couple of activity boards and integrated email templates to facilitate the conversation with candidates. ATS additionally promotes collaborative hiring through commenting and sharing functions, that permit recruiters to provide their comments to the team approximately the applicants. This not most effective positively impacts character however additionally crew productivity and improves the decision-making method.

Improve quality of hire

By means of helping you to robotically identify the applicants that first-rate suit the process necessities and automatically display out unqualified applicants, the ATS performs a large element on the first-class of rent improvement. Having the capability to higher display screen and qualify candidates will, ultimately, positively impact your employee retention rate.

Use Performance Reports

With analytics functionalities you could create reports that permit to monitor key recruitment metrics and provide beneficial insights to better manage your recruitment technique. Using reports to evaluate your recruitment performance lets in you to without problems perceive wherein you are wasting your recruitment spend, and wherein you have to be using it instead to enhance your results.

Provide better Candidate Experience and boost your Employer Brand

The job marketplace has turn out to be candidate-centric, that means that candidate experience is undeniably a vital a part of the recruitment process. So, handing over a extra modern, more organised and more engaging recruitment manner will not handiest add value for your company however additionally for your candidates as well. Using an ATS to your recruitment process additionally lets you support your corporation branding at some stage in the candidate journey (thru task posts, utility forms, career pages, email communications, etc).




These are just some of the motives and blessings we are able to mention regarding the truth that the ATS is an essential device for any recruitment crew. It holds the key for organizations that want to hold the best skills coming in their way to be successful.

It all sums up within the reality that with the aid of easing up the workload of recruiters, the ATS lets in them to forestall losing time with administrative and guide responsibilities that don’t add cost to the manner and, therefore, carry out higher in the selection manner and supply overall progressed hiring results.