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Random Access Memory(RAM)

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What is RAM?
Random Access Memory or RAM is the physical hardware inside a computer ,temporarily
stores data,serving as computer’s working memory.RAM allows a computer to work with
more information at the same time which has dramatic effect on total system performance.
RAM is also known as main memory,internal memory and also primary memory.
1) RAM allows writing, retrieving, erasing and writing again of data on it as much as it still can be accessed by user.
2) RAM is a volatile memory, it looses its contents ones the computer is shut down or goes off due to power problems. i.e work as you save your work.
1)RAM is the fastest type of memory in a computer.
2)RAM consumes less power compared to disk drives hence increasing battery life.
3)RAM is a silent memory since there are no moving parts on it.
4) Online Advantages-How fast an Internet connection is on a computer, the amount of memory, or RAM, can inhibit the speed and performance of a computer on the Web.
5)Enhanced Multimedia presentations-Intense graphics use and memory-laden programs, such as multimedia, publishing and graphics arts, demand more RAM for the optimal computing experience.
6)RAM supports more efficient video editing.
7)RAM is better for Smoother multitasking.
1) RAM is not cost friendly since its price per bit is high.
2) Space limited since computer manufacturers don’t include it in high capacities.
3)RAM is volatile, a power outage will cause irrecoverable data loss, unless there is some power backup system like a laptop battery

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