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Installing Sylius in windows


  1. Php :8.1 or above

  2. Wamp – UniserverZXV (Recommended) (or) Xampp, etc..

  3. Composer

  4. Set the php configuration settings
  5. In Uniserver Click “php” menu->”Edit selected configuration file”
  6. Enable php extension gd, exif, fileinfo, intl and mbstring

  7. Set the Memory limit above “1024M” and Date-timezone set “Europe/Warsaw”

  1. Mysql version above 8.0

    Install Sylius Project

    1. Set the file path where you need to install the “MyFirstShop”. For example I am installing in my Uniserver www file inside the new file

    2. Open this path in visual studio code in above click file ->open folder in browser click the file where the new file is stored in my case i created in www folder in UniserverZXV

    3. In explorer you can see the new file getting display

    4. At the top click the terminal ->new terminal

    5. At the down you can see powershell opened with file path of new

    6. Now type the comment “composer create-project sylius/sylius-standard MyFirstShop”

    7. The installation take a while and the catched get clear give status ok

    8. After that go to your MyfirstShop folder in look for “.env” folder but this value in .env folder and run the next step


    9. Then change direcotry to installed folder “MyFirstShop” then run the command “php bin/console sylius:install”

      1. after this step type yarn install it log for a while then type yarn build for building app

      2. after this open cmd and type symfony serve it shows the lik copy paste in browser


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