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Google Conversion:

Conversion: Definition, An action it really is counted whilst someone interacts with your advert (as an example, clicks a textual content ad or views a video ad) after which takes a movement that you’ve defined as valuable on your business, consisting of a web buy or a call to your enterprise from a cellular telephone.

Google Ads Conversion Tracking: The Basic Setup

  • Webpage. (If you would like customers to finish an action on your webpages, like a web purchase, contact form submission, or page visit.)
  • Call on-site. (If you would like customers to call the telephone number on your site from a mobile device.)
  • App download. (If you would like customers to download your app.)

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Here’s a more detailed walkthrough of every of the three conversion sources:

1) Webpage Conversions
Choose the foremost accurate conversion category from the drop-down menu: Purchase/Sale, Signup, Lead, View of a key page (i.e. the Contact Us page), or Other. (Click image to enlarge.)
conversion tracking settings guide
conversion tracking settings guide

Select the terminology. HTML is that the standard choice but ask your web developer if one among the opposite alternatives (CHTML, XHTML, WML) would be more appropriate – especially if you’re running a mobile site.

Next, enter a worth for the conversion. you’ll assign an amount manually, like 10 if you’re selling e-books for $10 each. If you’re selling tons of various products, you’ll also found out the conversion tracker to record handcart values that change dynamically on the location. (This feature is explained in additional detail within the Advanced section below.)

Tracking indicator
Enabling the tracking indicator causes an unobtrusive message to seem on your site letting visitors know that their visits to your site are being tracked by Google. Displaying it’s optional, and you’ll opt-out of showing the message by selecting the “Don’t add a notification to the code generated for my page” option. If you are doing select it (by default, the choice is “yes”) you’ll replace the quality message together with your own, and customize the message’s appearance by changing the dimensions (single line of text vs. two lines), page background color, and language.

On a subsequent page, you’ll receive an HTML code that you simply we‘re going to got to paste into the page on your site that you want to trace the conversion for, like the “Thanks for Visiting” page. If somebody else is liable for making changes to your website, you’ll email them the code alongside personalized instructions.

conversion tracking code

2) Call On-Site Conversions
If your website allows customers to call your business telephone number directly from their smartphones, you’ll use conversion tracking to trace the number of times a call is formedundergo similar steps above to get your code, then you will have to manually insert “onclick” HTML tags into the code provided by Google.

An onclick tag for an easy textphone number seems like this:

Google onclick tags

Google onclick tags
Replace the telephone number together with your company’s telephone numberand therefore the Call Now text with whatever text you want to use.

Onclick tags also can be used with buttons (again, replace the sample phone numbers together with your own):

conversion tracking tags

conversion tracking tags
And when your Call Now the link may be a custom GIF image (replaced “call_now_button.gif” with the name of your gif file, and replace the instance phone numbers together with your own):
onclick tag for gifs

onclick tag for gifs

3) App Conversions

Google Ads is in a position to trace downloads of Android app through the Google Play store, and, to a limited degree, iOS apps through the Apple App Store. (Click to enlarge.)

Conversion Tracking Mobile Apps

Conversion Tracking Mobile Apps
NOTE: iOS app tracking isn’t available for Google Search or Google Display Network campaigns — just for the ads that are served in mobile apps through the Display Network.

To set up conversion tracking for an Android app, you’ll be asked for the app’s “Package Name.” to seek out it, attend the app’s page within the Google Play store. Copy the URL. The package number is the information after the details? id= string, and before the &feature= string. for instance, the text highlighted in yellow within the example URL below is that the Package Name:


Cut and paste that text into the Package Name box. to check that it’s working correctly, click on the “View in Android Market” link, and you ought to link through to the app’s page on Google Play. If you get a mistake or page not found, you’ve entered it wrong.

There is no further code to repeat or paste for this one. Android app conversions should start tracking in about 24 hours.