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Does the “Pariharam” reduce the negative effects of the malefic disposition of planets in a horoscope?

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     My answer to the above question is a strong “yes”. A remedial action or pariharam is performed to ward of the evil effects or to put it in the correct sense, to reduce the evil effects to a bearable or manageable extent.

        In Hindu astrology, we have a strong belief about “fate” .

   All things that happen against our efforts, wishes are normally attributed to “fate” or “destiny” ,which are bound to be experienced, the theory of possibility to escape from such evil impact by performing pariharam, looks really amazing! As I told you earlier all the planets in the solar system exert their own positive or negative energies depending upon their disposition and we, the humans receive their energies and act accordingly. Similarly being the miniatures of cosmos, we too have the ability of passing on our energies whether positive or negative, into cosmos and to people around us. Being dumped in to mundane aspects of life we never realize the process of energy transmission. We unconsciously receive and pass on our energies to people around us who is normally referred to as “influence” in layman’s language and as “conditioned” in spiritualist language.

        The energies or influences we receive are three types— “Influences which relate to hereditary ” i.e passed on to us by our forefather’s. The way we were conditioned by people around us right from our birth; and The influences we receive through association of certain people. All the above influences are clearly shown in a horoscope chart through planetary dispositions in respective houses.

       The positive influences do benefit the native and at the same time the negative influence would otherwise make the native’s life a mess. But the fact remains that each house has to be viewed from different angles such as the relationship between —– The lord of the house, the planet on which the lord of the house is deposited, The sub lord of the house and the planet on which the sub lord is deposited The planets occupied by the house, and also whether they are lords of benefic or malefic houses of the horoscope concerned. The planets aspecting the said house and whether they are lords of benefic or malefic houses of that particular chart. The above analysis of each house gives us various probabilities i.e some positive and some negative combinations.

         Our chart is like a map and each given situation is surrounded by multiple probabilities with varied proportions. It is very much human to get succumbed to negativity when negative combinations are at a higher rate. But at the same time it is true that there will always be at least one probability of positive influence which is set aside due to the heavy impact of negative combination. When an astrologer sees the positive probability in a horoscope would suggest “remedies” or “pariharam” only to reduce the impact of the negativity and to pacify the malefic planets through constant prayers and good deeds. The positive energy that emerges from us due to constant prayers and deeds will pass on to cosmos and transforms to a protection layer which saves us from evil effects. Also the deeds which we do, to please the planets are nothing but interacting with planets or rather begging the planets to have mercy on us.

        When we humble ourselves, the planets are also forced to reduce their malefic qualities and will yield to our request. The more the intensity in our prayers, the more positive results we experience and sometimes even miracles do happen as we tend to expand the positive probability as well !!!

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