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Chennai Aerospace Industrial park

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Chennai Aerospace Industrial park

With the support of the confederation of Indian Industry, the proposal of the aerospace industrial park in Chennai is accepted to contribute in the industrial development of the India. Various multinational companies have been allotted the land to fulfill the purpose of creating the Chennai aero park. From the estimation and projection, it is the large aerospace market of the Indian aviation industry which will impact somehow for the industrial growth. For both civil and military programmes, the aerospace park will manufacture and maintain all types of aircraft.

Geographical area:

The proposal of the aerospace industrial park in Chennai will cover the space of 4000 acres in Sriperumbudhur. In the area of 250 acres to 700 acres, TIDCO will establish an aerospace components’ manufacturing park for the industrial development.

Goals of TIDCO for the Chennai aerospace industrial park:

Attracting the huge investment and employing more people is the first and foremost idea of the TIDCO to support the aerospace and defence manufacturing sector at the state as well as national level. Ultimately, it will directly strengthen the defence manufacturing components. The industry is aimed to cover the industrial development in designing, manufacturing, servicing, and maintaining the aircraft for civil as well as defence sector.

Moreover, the long-term goals of the TIDCO will generate manpower engagement and will also strengthen the defence sector by completing the estimation of 100bn defence sector aircraft availability in next twenty years. This aviation park of the Chennai will make the aviation industry more competitive at the world-class level.

Features and facilities of the park:

To make it as the best offer for the aerospace companies, the Chennai aerospace industrial park has fine utilities and easy usages. With the featured road connectivity, the proposed industrial park will facilitate metal/composite manufacturing in the certain area. With the good technology and IT services, it will furnish all facilities which are required or necessary to complete the project smoothly. Having nice assembly and maintenance facilities, it is quite easy to manufacture and integrate the required components at one place. Apart from the above-stated features, the Chennai aero park will give the facilities of avionics, and training and research and development to the aerospace companies. With the basic facilities, the park will have developed the industrial plot of the certain size to facilitate the offered aerospace companies.

Economic effects of the aerospace industrial park:

The best economic effect is that the park will contribute in removing unemployment by giving straight employment for more than 1 lac positions. It is needless to say that it will be a big project for the industrial development of the state as well as the nation which will attract direct and indirect investment. This investor engaging project will bring foreign investment too, which will ultimately create benefits to the economy. The aerospace projection is bringing oodles of opportunities for not only in terms of financial benefits but also cost saving and competitiveness of the industry. Also, It will draw the attention of global industrial performers.

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