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ATS Features Checklist

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Applicant Tracking System Features tick list that you could reference as you undergo your assessment system.

  1. Must-have functions that EVERY ATS need to have
  2. “Nice-to-have” functions really well worth considering
  3. Non-feature “functions” to encompass on your tick list

The Core ATS Features That You Need

At its middle recruiting may be damaged down into 3 essential stages:

  1. Attracting and tasty applicants
  2. Managing and interviewing candidates
  3. Making process gives and onboarding new hires

Attract and Engage

No recruiting feature might be a hit if you could’t get applicants withinside the door. For this reason, begin your assessment primarily based totally on capability that:

  • Helps get your jobs in the front of high-satisfactory applicants
  • Creates a first rate candidate enjoy that drives candidates to apply
  • Makes it smooth to set up preliminary conversation with applicants

ATS functions crucial for attracting and tasty applicants are:

  • Easy posting to process boards
  • Fully-customizable careers pages and on line process applications
  • Mobile apply
  • Employee referral platform

Interview and Collaborate

Okay, we’ve were given the functions a good way to get applicants making use of in your jobs. Now comes the difficult part:

  • Communicating with process candidates
  • Moving applicants thru your hiring system efficiently
  • Communicating together along with your hiring team
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Collecting interview feedback

Chances are you’ve got got already found out this for your very own however manually coping with all of those sports can turn out to be overwhelming quickly. To keep away from getting beaten here, each applicant monitoring gadget need to provide the subsequent functions below the Interview and Collaborate umbrella:

  • Email templates & automation
  • Advanced candidate search
  • Outlook & Gmail interview scheduling
  • Interview scorecards
  • Workflows that match your hiring system
  • Tools for hiring managers
  • Recruiting dashboards

Offer and Onboard

You will have the maximum fine-tuned hiring system out there, however if you could’t get your applicants accepting your process gives or onboarded efficiently, all of your paintings is wasted. To keep away from this disaster, constantly compare applicant monitoring structures primarily based totally on their abilities to make powerful process gives and get applicants onboarded efficiently.

  • Approval processes
  • Integrated historical past checks
  • Digital provide letters
  • New rent onboarding
  • EEOC and OFCCP compliance
  • Analytics and reporting

Nice-to-Have ATS Features You Should Consider

Beyond the middle ATS functions above, there are a few different functions which you need to don’t forget along with on your tick list as well. Think of those as “nice-to-haves,” despite the fact that many can turn out to be obligatory primarily based totally for your organization’s size, hiring system, compliance issues and so forth.

  • Texting
  • App keep and integrations
  • Agency control capability
  • Multilingual applications
  • Video interview integrations
  • Sourcing tools

Non-Features That You Should Include in Your ATS Checklist

We’ve now blanketed the main functions which you need to be searching for. However, your tick list shouldn’t give up here. Other elements obligatory so that you can don’t forget while comparing applicant monitoring structures are:

  • Pricing structure
  • Level of guide offered
  • Timeline for implementation

Pricing structure

The ATS marketplace is infamous for smoke-and-reflect pricing options. Always recognise the sort of settlement which you are entering, otherwise, you can grow to be paying a ways greater than firstly quoted:

  • Per feature
  • Per range of employees (PEPM)
  • Per rent made
  • Per popular user
  • By degree of service
  • Flat fee


An ATS takes giant paintings and schooling to get stay at your company. You DO NOT need to be the only chargeable for this at your company. Make certain your ATS company will:

  • Guide you thru your ATS implementation system and assist you get your new careers web page activated
  • Host customized schooling in your administrative users, staffing users, and hiring managers
  • Answer your questions through a couple of platforms, whether or not it’s email, phone, or on line
  • Assign you a private account supervisor chargeable for the continued guide of you and your team
  • Maintain an updated know-how base that you could get right of entry to at any time