Reasons why your company should use an ATS

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In order to help organizations to recognize why the usage of an ATS is one of the cornerstones of an effective and successful recruitment process, we can focus in this article inside the pinnacle reasons why you want an Apnplicant Tracking System. But earlier than telling you why, it’s also important that will help you decide while is the right time to put money into an ATS. Some of the signs and symptoms that you need … Read More

Features Of An Applicant Tracking System To Help Your Recruiting Today

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According to a recent have a look at by using CareerBuilder, an remarkable 40 percentage of employees suggested that they plan to change jobs in 2018. With so many candidates applying to jobs, corporations are going to ought to step up their game to attract the maximum certified applicants and get them organized as soon as they’ve applied. That’s where finding the exceptional Applicant Tracking System comes into play. The … Read More

The Most Important Applicant Tracking System features

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Applicant monitoring systems (ATS) have emerge as an indispensable part of the hiring landscape. According to a Capterra research, seventy five percent of recruiters and skills managers use some form of recruitment or applicant monitoring software. Amongst these, an awesome majority of 94 percentage HR professionals attest to the fact that the use of an ATS have significantly advanced their hiring process. Why use an ATS? Posting of task listings … Read More


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In today’s job market, companies that use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) are maximum probably to speedy attract, discover and hire the quality candidates. On the opposite hand, folks who do not leverage new recruitment strategies and gear are certain to fail to acquire recruiting objectives. Driving an efficient recruitment method highly depends on the capability of a company to put into effect more streamlined and agile processes that allow recruiters to cognizance and spend more time on what matters the maximum: engaging with pinnacle talent. Digitalising and centralising all of the applicants’ statistics in a unmarried platform and appearing an preliminary screening of the incoming programs to sign the first-rate prospective candidates are just a … Read More

Unknown facts about Applicant Tracking System(ATS)

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Job hunters and applicant tracking systems are like vinegar and oil. The can feel like they’re almost impossible to mix together. However, with a bit of energetic shaking, that vinegar and oil can come to be a nice salad dressing. To shake up a stalled task seek, it’s time to prevent believing an ATS is your enemy and start knowledge how they … Read More

“Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt”: what does it mean and how to fix?

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“Indexed, although blocked via robots.Txt” indicates that Google indexed URLs despite the fact that they have been blocked via your robots.txt file. Robots.Txt in short A robots.Txt file carries directives for search engines like google and yahoo. You can use it to save you search engines from crawling precise elements of your website and to offer serps helpful pointers on how they can pleasant crawl your internet site. The robots.Txt document plays a massive position in SEO. When implementing robots.Txt, preserve the following first-rate … Read More

Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

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Advantages: AI might have a low error fee in comparison to people, if coded properly. They would have notable precision, accuracy, and speed. They won’t be affected by adversarial environments, thus able to finish risky duties, explore in space, and endure troubles that would injure or kill us. This can even mean mining and digging fuels that would otherwise be opposed for human beings. Replace people in repetitive, tedious tasks and in lots of laborious locations of work. Predict … Read More