Stegenography 1)The word stegenography comes from the Greek word means covered writing or secret writing. 2)Messages are hidden in such away that no one apart from the intended recipient even knows that a message has been sent. It is the … Read More

Green House Effect

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GREEN HOUSE EFFECT 1) Green house effect is one of the natural process. 2) Green house effect is warming of the lowest layer of atmosphere called Troposphere. 3) It is caused by Carbon-dioxide,methane, water vapour and some other gases in … Read More


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FTP FTP means File Transfer Protocol.It is a network Protocol. FTP is a method of transferring data from one computer to another computer through network. FTP is also known as client/server protocol. FTP is used to send larger configuration files … Read More

Basic commands in Linux

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About linux Linux is an Operating System’s Kernel.Well, Linux is a UNIX clone. But it was actually created by Linus Torvalds from Scratch. Linux is free and open-source, that means that you can simply change anything in Linux and redistribute … Read More

Watering Hole Attack

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    Watering Hole Attack 1) Watering Hole Attack is one of the malware attack, the attacker observes the websites,visited by a particular group and affect the sites with malware. 2) Watering hole attack is a significant threat to websites. 3) … Read More


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CRYPTOGRAPHY 1) Cryptography is the method of protecting information also known as Cryptology. 2) Cryptography is a technique of  transforming information or encrypting information into an unreadable format   called cipher text. 3) Cryptography involves creating written or generated codes. 4) … Read More


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Firefox 1) Firefox is a open source Web browser and it is very faster. 2) Firefox is having ability to search multiple search engines simultaneously. 3) Compared to Internet Explorer it is the most popular Web browser. 4) Firefox gives … Read More

Selenium testing

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Selenium Testing Definition 1)Selenium is a free open source automated testing. 2)Selenium is suite for web applications across different browsers and platforms. 3) It is quite similar to HP Quick Test Pro that Selenium focuses on automating web-based applications. 4)Testing … Read More

Central Processing Unit

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Central Processing Unit 1) The CPU (Central Processing Unit), which performs most of the calculations which enable a computer to function. 2)A computer processor is also known as a CPU.CPU is referred to as the brain of the computer. 3) … Read More

Flow Chart

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  Flow chart Definition 1) A flow chart is a type of diagram that represents an algorithm,workflow or process. 2) Flow chart shows the steps as boxes of various kinds,their order by connecting with arrows. 3) Flowcharts are used in … Read More

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