Hair Care

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How to Take Care of Your Hair Five Parts: Washing hair properly, Drying your hair, Brushing your hair, Styling and dyeing your hair, Maintaining your general health Hair is made of protein, so keeping a healthy diet and good hygiene … Read More

Skin Care

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Skin Care Simple Daily Skin Care Necessities: Drink Lots of Water Sleep Well Exercise Homemade Beauty Tips On How To Become Fair: Tea Water and Honey Face Pack: Things you will need: 1 cup of tea water (cooled down) 2 … Read More

The Mysteries In Our Life

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The unseen, unknown and unexpected and at times unpleasant too have been experienced by individuals many a times in their life. How such happenings are defined in astrology and how an astrologer could visualize such happenings through individual’s horoscope chart?? … Read More

What a magic in numbers?

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Have your name matching to your date of birth numbers… feel the positive vibrations and see the magical changes in your life.. The secret of “success” lies in the positive vibration created while using a “name” All the 26 alphabets … Read More

What We Are?

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     Blaming the nature and its process is nothing but ignorance…. The mankind is tuned only to view at the external world by default or by conditioning, without knowing that the inner “you” is divine… Learn to look into yourself … Read More

The Mystery Of Life

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     The Universe is beautiful and the creation is original. We are creations travelling on this wondrous creation .To travel on this creation, we laid paths and roads for our convenience and made many areas more beautiful…. Kept intact of … Read More

How lucky are we?

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       There is no such “Easy” or “Tough“ and ”Good“ or “Bad“ concepts to our wonderful nature earth…… They are all manmade concepts for their selfishness…. There is no such luck or unlucky to worry about … it’s the mind … Read More