DWQA QuestionsWhat is MySQLi and MySQLi error()?
Tamil Amuthan Staff asked 4 years ago

Definition For MySQLi:

MySQLi. the MySQLi extension ( MySQL stepped forward) is a relational database motive force used within the PHP programming language to offer an interface with MySQL databases.

MySQLi error():

The mysqli_error() characteristic / mysqli::$error returns the remaining error’s description for the maximum latest feature name if any.

In a simple way, it returns the last error description for the most recent function call if any.

There are two types of MySQLi styles, they are

  • Object-oriented style
  • Procedural style

Syntax for Object-Oriented

$mysqli -> error

Syntax for Procedural Style


Parameter Values

Parameter Required/Optional  Description
connection Required  It specifies the MySQL connection to use


Technical Details

Return Value A string that describes the error. An empty string if no errors have occurred
Php Version PHP 5+, PHP 7