DWQA QuestionsDo you know how Google works?
Tamil Amuthan Staff asked 3 years ago

Google is a fully automatic search engine that makes use of software programs regarded as “net crawlers” that discover the net on an ordinary foundation to locate websites to feature to our index. In fact, the extensive majority of websites indexed in our consequences are not manually submitted for inclusion, however are determined and brought robotically whilst our net crawlers move slowly the net.

Google search works in essentially 3 stages:

Crawling: Google searches the net with automatic applications called crawlers, searching out pages that can be new or updated. Google shops the one’s web page addresses (or web page URLs) in a massive listing to have a take a observe later. We locate pages with the aid of using many special methods, however, the most important technique is following hyperlinks from pages that we already recognize approximately.

Indexing: Google visits the pages that it has found out approximately with the aid of using crawling, and attempts to investigate what every web page is approximate. Google analyzes the content, images, and video documents withinside the web page, seeking to apprehend what the web page is approximate. This record is saved withinside the Google index, a massive database this is saved on many, many (many!) computers.

Serving search results: When a person plays a Google seek, Google attempts to decide the best high-satisfactory consequences. The “best” consequences have many factors, which include matters inclusive of the person’s location, language, device (computing device or phone), and former queries. For example, looking for “bicycle restore shops” might display special solutions to a person in Paris than it’d to a person in Hong Kong. Google would not receive price to rank pages higher, and rating is performed algorithmically.