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Home Remedies for Anaemia 1. Apple : Stick to the citation of “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. Apple is rich in iron and various other supplements. However, not one but 2-3 apples in a day can fulfil … Read More


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Home Remedies for Wheezing 1. Clove : Take 5-6 cloves and boil them in half a glass of water, followed by adding a spoon of honey. It is an excellent remedy in curing asthma at home and should be consumed … Read More

Low blood Pressure

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Here are the top home remedies for low blood pressure. Common symptoms of low blood pressure are weakness and laziness in body. If the blood pressure is too low the person gets fainted and in extreme cases he can go … Read More

High blood Pressure

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How to Prevent High Blood Pressure? The following preventive measures will help you to avert the probability of high blood pressure. Check and control the level of your cholesterol. Drink lots and lots of water. Lose weight, if necessary. Limit … Read More

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