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    We used OpenCATS for several years and it was a relief last year to discover that Auieo decided to pickup the development under the CandidATS brand. Since then I note that OpenCATS is also now back in development and has a shiny new website (although they still don’t have an improved version for download). Still I’m glad I made the switch to CandidATS and intend to stay here.

    My main concern is there don’t seem to be many people aware that CandidATS exists, at least the download numbers (presently shows as 67) give that impression. CandidATS is a great piece of software, simple but efficient and easy to manage, and I think a lot more recruiters should be using it; so how do we make that happen? The more recruiters that use CandidATS the better it will become and the less likely it is that Auieo will drop development in the future.

    Also, a question for Tamil: how do we donate to support development?

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    You always can find the donation page if you check properly.

    To be fair, I guess Tamil has done a good job and put lots of effort to make CandidATS succeeded from original Opencats and able to let user use without much issue. I was one of the user as well switch from opencats to CandidATS because I found Tamil is very helpful and committed to this project.

    However having say that, Tamil could be busy and focus with something else right now which a lot of issues raised unattended as you can see the forum is rather inactive. I failed to upgrade version from v1.3.2 to V2 with bugs and now I have no choice to use the old version to continue my production.

    Don’t misunderstood here, I am neither complaining nor blaming the support, having one of the great ATS in market without much cost incurred, I am glad to have a good start with CandidATS but I don’t plan to move on if it is too headache and costly to upgrade. The developer need fund to survive and continue with the project which also justifiable.

    Thanks again Tamil for the great work but I am definitely opt and open for other alternative in future, meanwhile stick back with current production.

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    Thank you for your concern in us. Past few months we are busy with commercial projects using CandidATS. This was needed to manage the funds to promote the CandidATS.

    << it will become and the less likely it is that Auieo will drop development in the future.>>
    We are getting many orders for CandidATS. We will never drop the project. Our ultimate goal is to make the CandidATS one of the best open source project.

    << how do we donate to support development? >>
    You can find the donate link in the menu page.

    Currently all our developers are busy with the commercial projects. We need persons from community, to do testing and reporting the issues in CandidATS. If you able to contribute on testing, that will help us to release the versions very fast.


    I am really sorry for you for not able to use the CandidATS. Can you give me your server access? I can upgrade it for you.

    And you are partly correct. We got many customization orders, including “developing OAuth2.0 API” and “Create candidate on import” for CandidATS. We needed to focus on the commercial projects as we need funds to promote the CandidATS.

    Now we plan to give the support and answer you queries within 48 hours.

    with regards,
    R.Tamil Amuthan
    Auieo Software Private Limited

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    Hi Tamil

    I am new here a fount Candidate from my research into several ATS solutions

    I am no coder but have built many CRM’s and work flow processes and would be happy to advise on Bugs and Errors

    As I will be working with Candidate in real life

    Also happy to provide you with server access

    I just installed, added some custom fields to Companies and when I went to change the Row filters I now have a bug In my System please see screeny attached

    you can reach out to me at darren at

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    Hi djansen,

    Thank you for helping to improve CandidATS.

    Can you send the server access details to

    with regards,
    R. Tamil Amuthan
    Auieo Software Private Limited

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